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    Most favorite comps

    We all have our most favorite comps, and for many reasons....What's yours?
    For me, SA 2008 Everett WA was great, not for who won or lost, but the cast of
    charactors....if they got these folks back together again, it would be a great event again.
    Here are some of the snapshots I took.

    (Go Mirai!)

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    1994 Lilihammer. It was so much more than Nancy vs Tonya with all the great pros coming back in every division.

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    1998 U.S. Nationals, because of Michelle's two immortal performances.

    2002 Olympics because of all four disciplines: both of the gold-medal-winning pairs plus Shen/Zhao, the ice dance (Annissina/Piezerat), the men's (Yagudin at his best), and the ladies, despite the disappointment of Michelle's fall. She, Irina, Sarah Hughes, and Sasha were all there and all did at least well, if not perfectly. Also, the Games occurred just months after 9/11, and it was a moment when we were picking ourselves up off the ground.

    The 2010 Vancouver Games, especially the ladies and ice dance events. To get to see both YuNa and Mao at their best was a privilege that future generations will envy us for. And the ice dance had both V/M and D/W at their respective bests.

    1993 Worlds had that wonderful Casablanca by Kurt Browning. The ladies' event was not so great. Everyone fell all over the place except for Oksana Baiul.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drivingmissdaisy View Post
    1994 Lilihammer. It was so much more than Nancy vs Tonya with all the great pros coming back in every division.

    Nothing has ever been able to compare to this competition in my opinion.If I had to package all I love about figure skating in once single competition-it would be the 1994 Olympics. The greatest pairs competition in Olympic history. G&G and M&D performing their signature routines. As you mentioned, the return of the pros in every division. The rise of skaters such as Alexei Urmanov, Elvis Stojko, Philippe Candeloro. Katerina Witt's amazing short program to Robin Hood, and her return to Olympic competition, this time representing a unified Germany. Surya Bonaly's programs. On paper, the ice dance competition with T&D, G&P and U&Z should have been one for the ages-three of the greatest ice dance teams of all time competiting against each other. However, I think the ice dance competition didn't quite meet those high expectations, because I don't think any of the teams brought their very best material to the ice that year. But the exhibitions were excellent, Oksana's "Swan" program, M&D's panflute, G&G's Reverie, and the highlight for me-T&D bringing back Bolero, 10 years after they won the Olympic Gold Medal in Sarajevo with that program.

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    1988 - Calgary Olympics - The Battle of the Brians, Midori Ito, and G&G - still my favorite Olympics (winter or summer)

    1994 Worlds - Yuka & Elvis win, Michelle's world debut! With all due repsect to Alexei Urmanov, I felt Elvis should have won the 1994 Olympics, so I was thrilled to see him win here.

    1996 - Worlds - Todd & Michelle win the World title. ABC showed the top 2 flights of men! - still my favorite Worlds, Elvis' fantastic free skate

    1998 - US Nationals - being there for the whole experience!

    1998 Goodwill Games - Amazing Todd & fest from the audience (wish we could have been there)

    2003 Worlds - Shen & Zhao, B&K, Michelle's performances, seeing Sarah Maier & Jeff Buttle for the first time, meeting Paul Wylie in the concourse ...

    2011 Worlds - North American sweep in ice dance! Taka winning the silver medal
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    1997 GPF Men - Kulik, Urmanov, Elvis all landed 4T, with Elvis landing first 4-3, Eldredge was amazing as always

    1997 Worlds Men - Kulik, Urmanov, Elvis, Eldredge battle it out, only 3 out of 4 could be in top3 for SP. Elvis got 4th but came back to win.

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    Ladies: 2002 Skate America in Spokane.

    Men: 2004 Marshall's cheesefest in Detroit.

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