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    Polina Tsurskaya

    How many they were? Shelepen, Agafonova, Korobeynikova … Now the whole world knows Edmunds – the reigning Four Continents champion. But the world of figure skating expects another coming on behalf of Polina - and this time it is the common name maybe hiding a truly formidable force. What do we know about her? The Siberian beauty with coaly eyes and looking on ice like a Gothic character of fairy tales. It seems to me that she is the most unusual female skater among the galaxy of young talents growing as mushrooms after a rain in Russia.

    Today she is the absolute leader among all Russian novices, the skater who demonstrates outstanding results almost at all competitions in which she participates for the second year in a row. Without having begun competing at the junior level yet, she already has a victory over the reigning Junior World champion. Is this amazing? Generally yes, but probably not. Probably it should be so. The situation is such - today it seems to you that you are head and shoulders above all, but tomorrow you are bypassed by your classmate, which is two years younger than you, but “younger” does not always mean “weaker”. And it is useless to sob because this "trifle" is indeed good - possessing high growth, she jumps as Thumbelina.

    Honestly, when it became known that from the middle of the current season Polina began to rapidly gain in growth, I have thought about the inevitable problems that were supposed to occur by the end of the season. However, she not only did not slow down in the turns, but on the contrary, became even stronger and more confident, and to the end of the season she turned into a serious threat to all young girls planning to compete in the new season as the juniors. Of course, no one can guarantee that her victorious gait will proceed further, that being in the age of 15 or 17 years old she will also be confident to deliver her routines and to beat her rivals, that she won't be broken by difficulties, both physical and psychological. But today, Polina is like a tree wich is already waving leaves, while standing next to her seedlings of the same age are still dissolving kidney

    Season 2013/14
    Moscow Open 2013 [Moscow] – 10th place 136.28 SP 45.05 video LP 91.23 video
    ОPPPFFKM 2013 [Moscow] – 1st place 155.25 LP
    3rd stage of the Russian cup 2013 [Samara] – 1st place 165.06 SP LP
    4th stage of the Russian cup 2013 [Yoshkar Ola] – 3rd place 180.96 SP LP
    The Championship of Moscow (younger age) 2014 [Moscow] – 1st place 227.18 SP LP
    The Russian JrNats 2014 [Saransk] – 5th place 179.60 SPpractice SP Draw LPpractice LP
    The Russian Cup Final 2014 [Veliky Novgorod] – 1st place 191.36 LP
    The Russian JrNats 2014 (younger age) (The Memorial of S. Zhuk) [Stary Oskol] – 1st place 243.09 SP LP
    The Crystal skate 2014 [Odintsovo] – 2nd place 140.85 SP LP VC

    Season 2014/15
    Moscow Open 2014 [Moscow] – 1st place 180.69 SP LP
    1st stage of the Russian cup 2014 [Samara]– 2nd place 187.75 SP 62.63 video LP 125.12 video
    2nd stage of the Russian cup 2014 [Yoshkar Ola]- 1st place 192.67 SP 68.31 video LP 124.36 video
    The Zonal Championship (2nd stage of the Spartakiad) 2015 [Stary Oskol] – 2nd place 198.41 SP 67.77 LP 130.64 video
    The Russian JrNats 2015 [Yoshkar Ola] – 4th place 182.83 SP 64.07 video LP 118.76 video
    The Championship of Moscow (elder age) 2015 [Moscow] – 1st place 188.39 SP LP
    The Russian Cup Final 2015 [Saransk] – 1st place 188.29 SP 61.27 practice video LP 127.02 video VC video
    The Spartakiad (final) 2015 [Saransk] - 1st place 193.59 SP 68.47 video LP 125.12 video
    The Russian JrNats (elder age) 2015 [Stary Oskol] – 1st place 194.11 SP 68.13 video LP 125.98 video

    Pics 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

    Articles about Polina in Omsk media 1 2 3 4

    Polina's bio
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    Very impressive post Roman

    Welcome Polina! Very curious to see what she brings next season

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    She is so tall, her jumps look scary big!
    She will be one of the girls holding the torch for Russian ladies in junior skating next year. Big resposibility for a rookie skater, I hope somebody of "fantastic 4" (Med,Sakh,Sots,Prok) will help her in that task though.

    Cmon Polina!

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