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    Selena Zhao

    Canadian ladies figure skater Selena Zhao was born May 10, 1998 in Kirkland, Washington. She is the 2015 Canadian Junior Champion.

    In honor of the upcoming Canadian Championships, I wanted to start a Fan Fest for my favorite lesser-known Canadian lady, Selena Zhao! I first saw her at the U.S. International Classic in the FS and I was very impressed. I hope she can place on or near the podium at Nationals & be sent to Junior Worlds and possibly 4CC!


    Selena's Wikipedia page:
    Selena's ISU Bio:

    Social Media
    Selena's Instagram:

    Article about Selena's move to Canada:
    GS Article on Selena:



    SP: "Moon River" by Henry Mancini, performed by John Bayless and Nancy Lamott
    choreo. by Tom Dickson

    FS: Violin Fantasy on Puccini's Turandot by Vanessa-Mae
    choreo. by Tom Dickson

    SP: "Milonga del Angel", "Concierto para Quinteto" by Ástor Piazzolla
    choreo. by Tom Dickson
    FS: "Brazil" by Michael Kamen
    choreo. by Tom Dickson

    Competitive History

    2015 US International Classic: 5th
    2015 World Junior Championships: 26th
    2015 Canadian Championships: 1st (Junior)
    2014 JGP Germany: 9th
    2014 JGP Slovenia: 10th


    2014 JGP Slovenia SP:
    2014 JGP Slovenia FS:
    2014 JGP Germany SP:
    2014 JGP Germany FS:
    2015 Skate Detroit SP:
    2015 Skate Detroit FS:

    Unfortunately, videos of her US Classic and Canadian Nationals programs do not seem to exist. If anyone finds one, please post the link so I can put it in the OP.

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    Just noticed that Selena will be starting at Harvard in August. She was admitted to the Class of 2020 via Early Action.

    Congratulations to her .

    Looks as if she still is hard at work on her skating too. Triple axel in harness :

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