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Thread: All I Want For Christmas, Figure Skating Edition

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    All I Want For Christmas, Figure Skating Edition

    This year, I'm asking Santa for the following:

    - For Akiko Suzuki, that she nails her SPs for the rest of the season, continues to skate lovely LPs, and finally gets some respect from the judges

    - For Mao Asada, that she doubles the triple jump count in her LP

    - For whichever lady wins Canadians, that she can place top 10 at Worlds in her home country in 2013

    That's all for now, I'm sure I'll think of more in the coming weeks.

    What figure skating presents would you like Santa to deliver?

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    Lovely idea! My wishes for the post-Christmas season:
    -for both Kostner and Yu-Na that they have great comebacks and win (respectively) Euros and Worlds 2013
    -for V/M, that they finally beat D/V throughout all the season and have an all-Gold season
    -for C/L, that they place on the Euros podium
    -for Mao, that she lands a clean 3A again before the end of her career
    -for the Russian wonderbabies, that (at least) one of them comes out well after puberty (I think that even this would be a great thing, considering the situation at the moment)
    -for team Italy, that they earn more than a medal at Euros 2013!
    More to come...

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    -Mao Asada starts skating like she used to. Triple Triple and the 3 axel.
    -Evan makes it to Nationals and skates well.
    -Abbott skates a perfect freeskate at Worlds
    -That Davis and White everyone who's on top at worlds
    -That the Shibs come back strong after a rough start
    -Alissa gets healthy and comes back to skating
    -Mirai and Ashley skate lights out at Nationals

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    First thing that came to my mind when I saw the title of this thread: Charlie White in my Christmas stocking!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FSGMT View Post
    -for both Kostner and Yu-Na that they have great comebacks and win (respectively) Euros and Worlds 2013
    -for V/M, that they finally beat D/V throughout all the season and have an all-Gold season...

    For the ISU to institute a spot trading policy, so that Canada can get some more dance spots (I want Osmond to do well, but do we really need a second ladies spot?). The politicking would be insane.
    Yes, please, more canadian and USA ice dancers at the WCh, more single skaters from Japan at WCh and more pairs from Russia
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    All I want for Christmas is a silver medal for Duhamel & Radford at the Grand Prix Final. They can do it and they wuz robbed in Paris.

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    Ohhhh - Charlie White in my Christmas stocking. I'd probably scare him to death, but what a nice thought!

    My wish list is:

    o Davis and White DOMINATE US Nats and Worlds!
    o Jeremy Abbott skates a clean SP and LP at Nats (Gold medal) and Worlds (silver medal)
    o Patrick Chan also skates a clean SP and LP at Worlds and wins the gold
    o Johnny Weir is able to skate Nationals and skates clean (I just want him to have a good, fun skate)
    o Mirai Negasu wins a medal at Nats and goes to Worlds
    o Hanyu wins the Japanese men's title and continues to mature in his presentation
    o Either Hanyu or Fernandez win the bronze at Worlds
    o But most of all, my biggest wish is that the American television companys find merit in airing more figure skating in 2013

    Fun thread, thanks for starting it.

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    Davis and White ride the victory train throughout the entire 2012-2013 season
    Jeremy Abbott gets his mojo back and has clean skates at Nationals and Worlds
    Against all odds, Hanyu wins his first World Championship
    At Worlds, Wagner medals and Gold finishes top 8 to earn 3 spots for Sochi
    Suzuki beats Asada at Japanese Nationals

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    My first thoughts were similar to alot of what has been already written and/or I just agree with them if I didn't think of them myself. So, to add to this: I would love to see Jason Brown conquer the triple axel.

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    There are so many contests that I feel conflicted about--V/M or D/W for Worlds? Mao or YuNa?--that I've decided to wish for everyone to be at the top of his or her game. Then we fans can just pig out on a feast of splendid skating, and none of us needs to feel pain or regret on behalf of our favorite skaters.

    And Charlie White in my Christmas stocking wouldn't be bad, either. Is he booked solid for the day, or is there room left for a visit to me?

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    All I want for Christmas is:

    1. A Michelle Kwan comeback a la Lysacek and Wier ( I am not afraid to dream

    2. Mirai Nagasu to place top 2 at Nationals and medal at Worlds. I have never given up on Mirai and I hope she herself can realize her potential, for her and not anyone else.

    3. Another season of Gold for D/W

    4. That the Shibs medal at Worlds this year.

    5. Hanyu to become world champion and nail his entire long program. He is such a beautiful skater!

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    Great thread! My Christmas wish list: 1. Fernandez on the podium at Europeans
    2. Fernandez to project to the audience and not just at the ice below him
    3. A lady to score over 130 points at a long program
    4. More star power in pairs skating
    5. Tut to work her magic again like last season. Her use of hands is exquisite, good detailing
    6. No more 'comebacks'
    7. Fernandez to come in top 5 at Worlds ( I guess one can tell I'm a big fan of Fernandez)
    8. And an emerging star from Norway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    An American guy who can compete with Chan, Takahashi, Hanyu, and good Fernandez & Kozuka! I don't care if he's young or old or gets the points through being handsome and skating his hips a la Joubert, I just wanna see the battle among the top widen, and include more American and European guys!

    Redemption at Euros/4CC/Worlds for Abbott, Verner, Joubert. I don't care placement or score, just no more sad indications of how far you have fallen from where you once were, because you all still have it in you to be a lot better.

    Showdown at US Nats with lots of 3-3s for ladies and quads for men!

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    I only have a few, but here they are.

    1. Patrick skates CLEAN at Worlds and has an UNDISPUTED victory. He CAN skate clean. (Alternately, if he loses his world title I want it to be because someone CLEARLY outskates him). I'm just plain tired of all the controversial results involving Patrick. He needs to prove to everyone that he still has it.

    2. The US gets 3 Ladies spots for the Olympics.

    3. Jeremy skates clean programs at Nationals AND Worlds and the US Men get 3 spots for the Olympics.

    4. All of the ladies around the world skate cleaner programs more often. Ladies used to be my favorite discipline, but right now I enjoy Mens and Dance a lot more. Ladies has left me relatively uninspired since Vancouver.

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    I'm chuckling at the last three posts and nodding my head vehemently in agreement. I'm especially impressed with senatormls's request for "more star power in pairs skating." Yes, with the exception of one or two pairs, there's been quite a drought of that worldwide, and an absolute desert of it in American skating.

    I love Virtue and Moir, but they have an OGM, so my Christmas wish is for Meryl and Charlie to get an OGM for themselves. Or they could tie with V/M and both couples could get one!

    Three U.S. ladies at the Olympics is definitely on my list.

    I think one of my Christmas wishes has already been granted. So far, knocking on wood, YuNa seems to be doing a fine job in her comeback. Imagine--she did a triple-triple! It's so good to see a comeback skater who is not just a shadow of his/her former self. Keep it going, YuNa!

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