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Thread: All I Want For Christmas, Figure Skating Edition

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    @buttercup Well the thread did say Figure Skating Edition, but heck I'll throw a WS win for the Braves in there

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    All I want for Christmas is:

    1. A Michelle Kwan comeback a la Lysacek and Wier ( I am not afraid to dream

    2. Mirai Nagasu to place top 2 at Nationals and medal at Worlds. I have never given up on Mirai and I hope she herself can realize her potential, for her and not anyone else.

    3. Another season of Gold for D/W

    4. That the Shibs medal at Worlds this year.

    5. Hanyu to become world champion and nail his entire long program. He is such a beautiful skater!

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    Great thread! My Christmas wish list: 1. Fernandez on the podium at Europeans
    2. Fernandez to project to the audience and not just at the ice below him
    3. A lady to score over 130 points at a long program
    4. More star power in pairs skating
    5. Tut to work her magic again like last season. Her use of hands is exquisite, good detailing
    6. No more 'comebacks'
    7. Fernandez to come in top 5 at Worlds ( I guess one can tell I'm a big fan of Fernandez)
    8. And an emerging star from Norway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    An American guy who can compete with Chan, Takahashi, Hanyu, and good Fernandez & Kozuka! I don't care if he's young or old or gets the points through being handsome and skating his hips a la Joubert, I just wanna see the battle among the top widen, and include more American and European guys!

    Redemption at Euros/4CC/Worlds for Abbott, Verner, Joubert. I don't care placement or score, just no more sad indications of how far you have fallen from where you once were, because you all still have it in you to be a lot better.

    Showdown at US Nats with lots of 3-3s for ladies and quads for men!

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    I only have a few, but here they are.

    1. Patrick skates CLEAN at Worlds and has an UNDISPUTED victory. He CAN skate clean. (Alternately, if he loses his world title I want it to be because someone CLEARLY outskates him). I'm just plain tired of all the controversial results involving Patrick. He needs to prove to everyone that he still has it.

    2. The US gets 3 Ladies spots for the Olympics.

    3. Jeremy skates clean programs at Nationals AND Worlds and the US Men get 3 spots for the Olympics.

    4. All of the ladies around the world skate cleaner programs more often. Ladies used to be my favorite discipline, but right now I enjoy Mens and Dance a lot more. Ladies has left me relatively uninspired since Vancouver.

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    I'm chuckling at the last three posts and nodding my head vehemently in agreement. I'm especially impressed with senatormls's request for "more star power in pairs skating." Yes, with the exception of one or two pairs, there's been quite a drought of that worldwide, and an absolute desert of it in American skating.

    I love Virtue and Moir, but they have an OGM, so my Christmas wish is for Meryl and Charlie to get an OGM for themselves. Or they could tie with V/M and both couples could get one!

    Three U.S. ladies at the Olympics is definitely on my list.

    I think one of my Christmas wishes has already been granted. So far, knocking on wood, YuNa seems to be doing a fine job in her comeback. Imagine--she did a triple-triple! It's so good to see a comeback skater who is not just a shadow of his/her former self. Keep it going, YuNa!

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    Santa, baby...

    * Gracie Gold to land seven clean triples in her FS and win gold or silver at US Nats
    * Ashley Wagner to medal at Worlds
    * Julia Lipnitskaia to recover from her concussion and learn to skate to the music
    * Elizaveta Tuktamysheva to get back to her 2011 shape
    * Adelina Sotnikova to skate a clean FS for the first time in 19 months
    * Yuzuru Hanyu to skate a clean FS and win gold or silver at Worlds
    * Mao Asada to bring back her clean triple jumps (including the axel)
    * Kanako Murakami to fix her UR issue
    * D/W to take gold at Worlds and the Olympics
    * Yuna Kim to have a successful comeback
    * International judges to stop inflating PCS based on reputation
    * Kaetlyn Osmond to have a SC-esque showing at Worlds
    * Alissa Czisny to be ready for competition by US Nats
    * The rising US stars to get one more spot for the US at the 2014 Olympics

    That's not asking for much...right?
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    I think your list is perfectly within reason, ForeverFish.

    And I add a plea for a slew of gold medals for Daisuke.

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    There's lots of wishes here that I too wish for...but after watching YuNa's programs and feeling very impressed with her combeback and loving her dresses my wish is simple: no boot covers!

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    1. Daisuke wins worlds and then leaves Morozov
    2. Mao gets more consistency and improves her jumps because everything else about her skating is divine
    3. Yuna gets back her fire and sets the bar higher for ladies skating + a fight for gold with Mao, both at their best, like it used to be
    4. S/S win Euros, Worlds and Olys
    5. I/K go to Igor
    6. Baby russian jumping machines start to live up to their potential
    7. A Japanesse guy wins worlds
    8. Judges have a revelation and realize how badly they underscored Kozuka over time and start rewarding him properly
    9. Nathalie and Fabian win an Olympic medal
    10. Kanako Murakami will stop being penalized for imaginary UR and DG especially on her 3T-3T combo
    11. Laura Lepisto comes back healthy
    12. Adelina will get her act together for euros and worlds
    13. Carolina wins Euros
    14. Judging will be more consistent from an event to another and no more "flation", no matter if it's chanflation volotranflation and so on

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    Taka, Akiko, Ashley, Javier, Michal Brezina on the World podium

    Davis & White @ the top of the World podium, Pechelat & Borzat, The Shibs on the World podium

    Christina Gao to make the podium @ US Nationals.

    Ross Miner to win US nationals (or silver) and make it to Worlds.

    Great skating from Armin M., Keegan, ... & so many other US men I really enjoy!

    NBC Sports to realize that their meager fs coverage is pathetic (lots of people lost Universal Sports channel as of 1/1/12), listen to those of us who've expressed our disappointment to listen to us, and show all four disciplines!

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    I only have 3 wishes

    1 Yuna wins 2013 Worlds by a clear margin
    2 For Julia to come back even stronger, No more derailing injuries and to fully recover from her concussion
    3 V/T skate a flawless LP without any falls

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    May wishes:

    V/T get astonishing programs that make them justice!

    Fernanzdez and Brezina medal at Euros

    Ashely and Jeremy medal at Worlds

    Akiko and Kanako get the scores they deserve!

    Someone else than Kostner wins Europeans (not that I dont like her, quite the opposite, but it would be nice to have a new champion).

    D/W win Worlds, ending the speculation that they won in 2011 only because V/M were injured the whole season.

    C/L win Europeans

    Last but not least - more figure skating on TV - shame on you, Eurosport! If you butcher Europeans broadcast this year (like you did last year), I will never watch you guys! Ever!

    PS A new super star from Poland emerges... (wishful thinking) - so it is 1) more exciting to watch 2) figure skating gets back on radar on polish tv.
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    I would settle for a new Polish superstar, Santa!

    And that access to British Eurosport be available on my cable. Failing that, for Universal Sports to be included in my cable package at reasonable cost.

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    Thanks Olympia!! I just thought of one more... Tomas Verner to retire quickly and quietly. I really wonder if Tomas even listens to his coaches. A remarkable talent soooo misused. Oh one more thing, a no- cell phone zone for skaters from the locker room to the ice.

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