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Thread: Tonight's the Night!!! - Holiday Festival on Ice (Langley)

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    Tonight's the Night!!! - Holiday Festival on Ice (Langley)

    Well, I am soon off to the Holiday Festival on Ice show in Langley. It's going to be so exciting to be up close to some of my favorite skaters of all time - Kurt and Elvis and Jeff and Shawn, and Joannie. Wow! I will report back here after the show....

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    Go Ladskater!

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    We can't wait to hear from you! Have a great time

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    Plus Kaetlyn Osmond is performing.

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    Great show. Exciting-telll us how Osmond comes across in person if different than Tv...a hilight for me from last weeks skating shows was Elvis. I always loved Elvis, and I wish he had won a gold medal. I so preferred him in every way to Urmanov. I also loved his work at Nagano. He was amazing with the serious groin injury. I had not seen him on Tv in years, and there he was with good jumps, good spins-how old is Elvis? He may have stayed active in Canada, but it has been eons since I saw him skate. He is still amazing, one of Canada's all time greats. I miss him as a competitor, and never felt he was lacking artistically. He was very short, short legged, which did not allow long lines, and most skaters who won OGM's for years were taller men. Scotty was an exception.

    Anyway, have fun Lad. Sounds great-can't beat it with a stick. Detailed report expected.

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    Anyone do any video?

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