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Thread: Is Christina Gao in the running for US Nationals?

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    Is Christina Gao in the running for US Nationals?

    I have been watching Christina for a few years now think that she is skating better than ever. She skated well during 2009/2010 with not one but several JGP wins and I think that she may well be headed in that direction again possibly. What are her chances of medaling if she skates well?

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    Oh, I would say she has a good chance at Pewter...of course, if others are injured or have bad skates, she could get higher...
    Just tell me how AC is skating and if any others get sick or injured!

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    Ashley and Mirai seem to be the favorites for 1,2. Gao could easily snag that bronze medal...can't think of another U.S lady seriously challenging her right for that spot now.

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    Gao could get second. Mirai has appeared to win or place second and dropped because of urs. There really isn't anyone but Wagner GAO and Nagasu unless czisny comes back strong or Zhang gets it together. But Gracie gold could win it all if she enters. Gold is a major wildcard and could beat Wagner.

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    Christina, Gracie and Mirai all are in the running
    and will try to catch up with Ashley at Natls

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    She'll definitely be in the running. It's going to be a great competition, with Gracie, Mirai, Agnes (don't forget Agnes-- she's having a fabulous season!), Alissa (maybe), and Ashley all vying for that medal. As Tinymavy said, Ashley is the favorite for first... though I'm not sure Mirai being a "favorite" for second, I think it's any of the above to take. Agnes, Christina and Gracie have all had successes on the GP circuit.

    In any case, I think the US will be a in a great place for Sochi!

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