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Thread: Stepanova and Bukin outclass the competition in Sochi

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    Stepanova and Bukin outclass the competition in Sochi

    Excerpt: Stepanova and Bukin admitted at the JGPF press conference that they had expected to become the leading Junior dance team this year since last season’s champions moved up to the Senior ranks. They were even “a bit disappointed” when their coach told them early in the season that now they have to work “300 times as hard” as they did before.


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    Anna did a fantastic job on these articles!

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    This is a really good team.
    I particularly like Ivan's flair.

    I believe they have one more year at least of junior eligibility. They seem to be a lock for Jr Worlds gold. Will they go Senior-there are so many senior teams in Russia just now, and none of them are very old.

    One thing that they have going for themselves is that they are the top team in Svinin & Zhuk's school. Svinin & Zhuk were the coaches of Khoklova & Novitski, so they are senior level coaches giving their very best to their top juniors.

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