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Thread: Radionova "loves" the triples

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    Radionova "loves" the triples

    Excerpt: The only negative Grades of Execution (GOE) in the protocol of her free skate were those stemming from edge calls on both of her triple flips – something she did not receive at her two qualifying events.

    The student of Inna Goncharenko claims that she loves all the triples: “I do all triples. I love the Lutz, and even more, I like the Salchow.”


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    The sheer intensity of the six performances, as well as the number of attempted and mostly rotated triple jumps per program, nearly matched that of the of a high-ranked Senior competition.
    Hmm - at Olympics-2010 (highest level of Ladies I know) only one skater of Top Six had 7 triples in FS. At JGP Final - four, two without URs.
    In some aspects (of course, not touching PCS) it was over high-ranked Senior competition.

    And level of this Junior GP Final was significantly higher than previous. For example, at 2011 only Shelepen landed 3Lz+3T (once, in FS), at 2012 - two Ladies in SP and three in FS (nonURed).
    Scores, base values of technical elements and so on were significantly higher, number of falls (1 vs 7) significantly lower.

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    She is fantastic. And of course we can't know how will change her body, but I think the puberty won't be too big problem for her. Look at her body type!

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    I had seen Elena when she was 10-11 and now she is winning all things, she is really a competitor!

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    loves the lutz and very nice too
    like her lutz entrance is clean

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    Radionova is just wonderful to watch; I watched her for the very first time at the JGPF and she has star quality written all over her. I think she will definitely go places if she manages to keep her jumps through puberty.
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