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Thread: Edvin Marton

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    Edvin Marton

    I believe Edvin Marton deserves to be a thread for him. His career, successes, musics were linked to the figure skating.

    Edvin Marton (born February 17, 1974, Vinogradovo, Ukraine) is a Ukrainian composer and violinist of Hungarian ethnicity. He became known as the violinist of the skaters, mainly because Evgeni Plushenko, Stéphane Lambiel, and other famous skaters often skated to his music.


    In 1983 Tchaikovsky Academy, Moscow for Prof. Leo Lundstrem
    in 1991 Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Budapest
    In 1994 Juilliard School of Music in New York
    In 1995 graduating at Music Academy in Vienna

    His awards:

    -Centre d'Arts Orford International Violin Competition - First Prize (Orford - Canada, 1997
    -Sports Emmy awards as a composer category for the music of 2005 Figure Skating World Championship ( Moscow) Emmy Award Winning 2005 World Figure Skating Championships Show Open for ABC/ESPN
    -At the Gala exhibitions of the Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games, Marton played violin and performed together with figure skating Gold Medal Winners Evgeni Plushenko ("Tosca Fantasy"), and Tatiana Totmianina & Maxim Marinin ("Romeo and Juliet").
    -2008 Eurovision Song Contest — featured performer and co-writer of Dima Bilan's winning song "Believe" ( with Plushenko )


    Eight Spanish Dances: Malagueña Op.21 No 1.
    Romanza andaluza
    Jota Navarra
    Spanish Dance
    Spanish Dance
    Caprice Basque: Moderato
    Allegro moderato
    Zigeunerweisen: Moderato. Lento
    Un poco piú lento
    Allegro molto vivace
    Concert Fantasy on Carmen: Introduction. Allegro moderato
    Lento assai
    Alegro moderato

    2001 Strings 'N' Beats

    King Of The Forest
    Miss You
    Bitter Sweet Symphony
    Una furtiva lagrima
    Magic Stradivarius
    Birdman /Romanian Folk Song
    Secret Emotions
    Fire Dance
    Gloomy Sunday
    First Date
    Wind Of Spring
    Panis Angelicus
    Spaces Of Freedom
    Art On Ice

    2004 Virtuoso

    Gypsy Dance
    Beethoven 5 Plushy's 3rd Ex at WCH Dortmund 2003
    Love Story
    Guitarra Latino - montage
    Romeo and Juliet
    Irish - Very good EX from Plushy!!
    Hungarian Rhapsody
    Dark Angel
    Oda of Joy
    Carmina Burana

    2006 Stradivarius

    Tosca Fantasy
    Vivaldi Spring
    Rio Carneval
    Romeo and Juliet
    My Love is Deep
    Love in Venice
    Tchaikovsky Remix
    Ibiza -
    C'est la Vie- Instrumental Version
    Ice Symphony
    O Sole Mio
    Crazy Violin
    Hungarian Rhapsody No.6
    Fireworks - Montage with Yuna Kim
    Bonus- C'est la Vie feat. Lou Bega

    2010 Hollywood

    Tango Amore
    Concierto de Aranjuez Plushenko's SP music 2009/2010 season
    Mask of Zorro
    Zorba the Greek
    White Angel
    Loving You

    His first appearance with the skaters. Art on Ice 2003 - Lambiel 2003 Art on Ice - Magic Stradivarius (with Edvin Marton) -Art on Ice- Stephane Lambiel-Edvin Marton´s Gipsy Dance

    On that Art On Ice they became very best friends with Plushenko. Plushenko skated to his music many times. Those are well-known programs. Other skaters skated to these music, too.

    Boyang Jin- SP 2015/16 Tango Amore

    Will be more links if I collected them.

    I like Edvin's music and I'm sure those are very fit to the skating programs. I would like to see more programs to his music.
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    totally agree! after more than 10 years since the excitement of his performance with plushy, i could finally see them live last summer! just amazing.
    his contributions to figure skating field is awsome!:
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    His new album the Rock Symphony

    1. Nothing Else Matters - Metallica
    2. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen AMAZING!
    3. Vivaldi - Storm-
    4. Fanatico -
    5. Ocean Of Love-
    6. Happy Day-
    7. Majestic-
    8. Malibu Sunset -
    9. Grandioso _
    10. Rock the Ice
    11. Spicy
    12. Sky Motion
    13. Summer Dance-
    14. Triumph-
    15. Apocalypse
    16. Clocks - Coldplay-
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    Awesome violinist! ~~~ Love his Tosca Fantasy so much !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ployliesk8 View Post
    Awesome violinist! ~~~ Love his Tosca Fantasy so much !
    Awesome video Tosca Fantasy

    He is not only a fantastic violinist, but very good composer.
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    Ari Zakarian was previous days on ISU congress in Dubrovnik. At the end, there was party for officials and Edvin played them

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