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Thread: Chan's "inspired" performance at GPF

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    Chan's "inspired" performance at GPF

    Chan, who won the two previous Finals, was unable to repeat his success this year. Even though he earned the highest program components scores of the night for his inspired interpretation of La Boheme, the skater, who often speaks of his competitions as ongoing “learning experience”, obtained a new homework assignment in Sochi.

    Sorry, but I can't agree with the author that Chan's performance was inspired.

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    I thought that up until the double-lutz combo, Chan's performance was inspired - may have been one of his best up to that point ever, IMO.

    ETA here I'm referring to the SP....I don't think the LP was bad; I am worried that he missed the first quad (as did Dai) and then landed the second but without a combo. But, I didn't feel the program was weak, and in many ways, I see him use his whole body in ways I didn't see as much of before (I think he began this last year, but I see it more clearly this year).
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    I think his performance was not that bad.

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    I think that in terms of feeling the music and overall artistry this was his best performance ever, jumping mistake notwithstanding. And quite the first time that I felt his very high PCS was somehow justified. It's always been clear that he deserves those 9's for SS and T and maybe Ch/C but did he really deserve them for P/E and I for any of his Aranjuezes? I don't think so, especially when compared to Dai's suberb interpretations of Blues for Klook. Now, however, I feel that he really gets into the music, maybe owing to Kathy Johnson?. I see a significant improvement in his presentation, both in SP and FS and that combined with his out of this world edges and knee action has made me enjoy his performances for the first time.

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    Hmm.. At least I was impressed with his SP. I don't know about LP.

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    There is only so much room for artistic or pc improvement. Itis the technical area he needs a lot of work. I wish he would get some professional help like Orser or someone. It is interesting that orser coaches so many to skaters form other nations but not his own Canada.

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