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Thread: Maria Artemieva

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    Maria Artemieva

    The lutz. The costume. Does anyone have any more information about this skater ? I hope she keeps climbing up the ranks!

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    I enjoyed watching Maria at TEB. I love her long program costume--the shirt and shorts. It's fun to see something different from the conventional skating dress.

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    I know that she is the girlfriend of Konstantin Menshov...I think they have been together quite awhile, but broke up & got back together at some point. That was the inspiration for her free program this year, which Konstantin choreographed. And they both train together under the same coach, Evgeni Rukavitsin.

    edit - here's her Instagram:
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    Quote Originally Posted by BounceAround View Post
    The lutz. The costume. Does anyone have any more information about this skater ?
    Maria Artemieva (StPetersburg, born 11 Mar 1993, coach Eugene Rukavitsin) is well-knwn in Russia.

    Being 12, she was 2nd at Zhun Memorial ("baby Nationals") at Feb 2006.
    After that she had not so good resulis at National level.
    At 2009 she had Junior Grand Prix Event (Croata) and was 4th.

    They told "good jumps, bun she needs to learn to land them".

    She lost season 2012/13 because of injury.
    Did not retire, and after come-back became stronger than was before.
    At beginning of season 2013/14 had good results, won Coupe de Nice (in SP landed 3Lz+3T on GOE +2).
    After that had injury, and mid-part of season was not so good.
    At end of season recovered, and at Final of Russian Cup was 3nd (after Anna Pogorilaya and Evgenia Medvedeva) with good and nice skating, some mistakes, but 3Lz+3T on good GOE both in SP and FS.

    At this season her skating is worse that at beginning and end of past season.
    She had two GP Events this season (two first GP Events in her life, being 21 years old) - in Russia (she was 10th of 11) and in France (6th of 12, ahead Samantha Cesario and Haruka Imai).

    Maria Artemieva is member of Team Russia (at most in part like Team C in USA, some seasons in part like Team B of USA) from season 2006/2007 to now.

    Bio (Russian)
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    The face of the lady on Menshov's shirt:

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    ^That's very nice.

    I didn't know her before but I like her skating. She was great in the SP at TEB.
    Her LP is lovely too and I like her costume, although it doesn't suit the music that much.
    The white shirt is a great idea but I'm not sure about the shorts.
    Nevertheless I find her lovely.
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    Her coach gave a short interview about the Golden Spin of Zagreb...I had to use Google Translate:

    MOSCOW, December 9 - R-Sport, Andrew Simonenko. Russian figure skater Maria Artemyev , who took second place in the tournament "Golden Zagreb pirouette" skated better than scored the highest amount of points Finn Kiira Korpi , said the agency "F-Sport" coach Russians Eugene Rukavitsyn.
    Kiira Korpi at the European Championship.
    © RIA Novosti. Vladimir Song Buy illustration
    Finnish figure skater Kiira Korpi, runner-up in singles skating, during performances at the European Figure Skating Championships in the UK.
    Enlarge photo
    On completion at the end of last week tournament in the capital of Croatia Artemyev, participant Grand Prix in Moscow and Bordeaux, showed the result of 166.48 points . Korpi, multiple medalist of the European championships, not speaking from a serious leg injury two years ahead Artemyev 1.33 points.
    "I believe that Artemyev in Zagreb showed a stronger horse than Korpi - Rukavitsyn said by phone. - Kiir looked very weak in the short program. In the long program, she had three double jump, and another leap she just did not, drove past. But the estimates for the components at the same time put her crazy. In my opinion, it was not entirely correct. "

    "But it is what it is, and I'm satisfied with the result Artemieva - added the coach. - Masha and skated well in the short program, despite the ridiculous fall from stage, she got more points than pure rental at the Grand Prix in France. She was also a jump from perfectly executed steps lutz and a double axel. And in the long program she has proved herself worthy - made two Lutz and avoid the blunders that she had at the Grand Prix in Bordeaux. So I basically satisfied with it work. "

    I really like Rukavitsin and all of his skaters...even if they always seem to fall a bit short, results-wise.

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