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Thread: Skating references in TV and film

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    I've seen most of these references (though I'm going to have to look for the Friends one!). Here are a few others from animated shows:

    American Dad: In the earlier seasons in the opening when Stan opens the front door, he picks up the newspaper and reads an amusing headline. In one episode it read, "Michelle Kwan Finally Dishonors Family."

    There have been a few Michelle references in The Simpsons. On one of the Treehouse of Horror episodes, Homer's causes Y2K and the world starts falling apart. A select group of the best people on the planet are being evacuated to Mars and Lisa gets an invite. As they walk up they see a group of people:

    Bart: "Wow...there's Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, Paul McCartney, Michael Jordan, Michelle Kwan..."
    Lisa: "They must be starting a civilization on Mars with our best and brightest."

    When Lisa goes to get on the ship they tell her she can only take one parent. She promptly picks Marge and they board the ship (with Maggie). Homer and Bart find a different spaceship. They get on and it takes off. Once they're in outer space, Homer looks around:

    Homer: "Ooh look there's Ross Perot, Dr. Laura, Spike Lee..."
    Bart: "Wait a minute. They're not so great."
    Homer: "Okay, but there's Dan Quayle and Courtney Love...Tonya Harding (holding a tire iron)...Al Sharpton! Aaah! Tom Arnold! What the hell's going on!?"

    Turns out their spaceship was headed for the sun! I love that one!

    Michelle's also in an episode in season 16 with Tom Brady, Lebron James, Yao Ming and Warren Sapp. Homer beats Bart at a game and his victory dance goes viral. Sports stars begin contacting him so he can choreograph victory dances for them. Homer then opens a showboating school. They show Michelle at a competition where a judge gives her a 5.9 instead of a 6.0. She says "Beware the wrath of Kwan!" before carving a bloody 6.0 in his chest with her skate!
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    Sasha Cohen was in an episode of CSI: NY about a figure skater who'd been murdered (not her).

    This is the fluff ("artistic") piece they ran of her in the end (after the detectives solved the murder):

    Quote Originally Posted by Buttercup View Post
    The winning costume was horrifically ugly. I don't know what they were thinking, but Sasha certainly never wore it in competition or in any major exhibition that I can recall. Here's a recap of the episode and the winning design.
    I think the closest she ever got to wearing that winning design was this:

    (Much improved.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dorispulaski View Post
    And it was the South Park movie that had What Would Brian Boitano Do?

    One of the amusing moments in ice skating fandom was definitely watching Brian Boitano perform to What Would Brian Boitano Do?
    Kurt's version is better!

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    A really odd place for skating to show up-in an episode of Duck Dynasty.

    Uncle Si & Willie are on Mt. Man's callin TV program, and Si says something like, "Don't tell me. Call in programs are like NASCAR and figure skating-the only reason anyone watches any of them is for the crashes.

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    February 24, 2013: Jimmy Kimmel Live! -- Post-Oscars Show

    Michelle Kwan mention!

    Kimmel: Is that [a Michelle Kwan poster]?
    MacFarlane: ... She had impeccable grace, yes.

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    Marlon Brando is seen ice skating in the movie The Freshman.

    Sandra Bezic was Brando's skating coach, according to the credits.

    A People magazine article back then about the making of the movie described Brando as "surprisingly graceful" on skates.

    For the uninitiated: Brando plays a mob boss, and a very young Matthew Broderick plays the title character.
    I had never seen the movie until recently stumbling upon it (already in progress) on late-night TV.

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    In Ronin Katarina Witt is involved with Russian gangsters, and she has some lines of dialogue and a reasonable amount of time dedicated to showing her performance in a local arena. I don't remember all that much of the film, though, as I think I fell asleep, but I recall her appearing and going, "Wait- is that- no. Is it??" and being all surprised by Google's confirmation.

    It's not a reference in the vein of references that this thread seems to be making, but I thought it was pretty nifty; a nice cameo, and cool that figure skating scenes figured in fairly climactic moments in the film.

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