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Thread: Favorite Ladies LP this season

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    Favorite Ladies LP this season

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    oops...The best ladies long programs are Akiko and Mao.

    I haven't seen Kostner's program yet.
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    Why not set this up as a poll?

    Anyway, to answer the question: Akiko Suzuki, followed by Kiira Korpi. This is also the same order for best costumes, BTW

    I'm underwhelmed by Kostner this season. It feels weird, after years of being a fan and seeing so many complaints about her programs and skating, to suddenly find that everyone loves what she's doing while I'm not as impressed.

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    Love Yuna & Akiko's programs.

    Buttercup -- I'm not too keen on CaroK's long either.

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    I, for one, am really in love with Mao's Swan Lake. The music and choreography really accentuates Mao's balletic lines and positions not to mention the eye-pleasing agility in the footwork section. Musics of this particular genre is something Mao can really excel with.

    However, it seems pretty evident to me that Suzuki's LP has the most potential to be the masterpiece of this season. All the planned movements are in line with the musical structure and Suzuki completes those movements with replete speed and emotion, which is most notably shown at the Choreo Sequence.

    I'm also curious to see how Yuna will evolve with her program. It looked very promising for a yet-to-be-refined state.

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    It depends on whether we are talking about the actual performances that we've seen or their potential. Out of those which you listed my favourites are free skates of Suzuki, Mao and Ashley, in that order. I don't find Yuna's and Carolina's programs so interesting yet but that may come with time. After Wagner it's Christina and Elizaveta, they have fire. Then it's Kiira's and Mirai's long for me. I would really like to enjoy Adelina's program, since she's a bit better artistically than for example Liza but that horrible voice in the background makes it impossible. I don't find Adelina's program even a bit challenging in terms of interpretation and I guess it's just not the style I like. But don't get me wrong, I appreciate Sotnikova sooooo much, it's just the music and the program I can't stand. So:
    1. Akiko 2. Mao 3. Ashley 4. Christina 5. Liza 6. Kiira (love the music) 7. Mirai 8.Adelina
    As for now Yuna and Carolina would be after Liza but by the time worlds come, they will probably improve a lot.

    Apart from the programs you listed I would add Gracie, Li Zijun, Ksenia Makarova and Caroline Zhang. Gracie needs to add a bit more polish, Li is such a cutie , Ksenia's program is really fine and Caroline would need to skate faster but that's probably impossible.

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    This is my top 10:
    1) Akiko Suzuki "O": this is truly the masterpiece of the season, I thought that The Bat was her absolute best, but now I've changed my mind!
    2) Mao's Swan Lake: nothing new or innovative, but the coreography is so well done and the StSq is just glorious!
    3) Caro's Bolero: not her best program, but after seeing it skated cleanily at Nationals I couldn't help it, I started to love it!
    4) Yu-Na's Les Miserables: it's just a temporary place, I'm looking forward to her performance at nationals b/c with a bit of refinement it could easily be in the top3
    5) Wagner
    6) Korpi: this is my second favourite program of her (behind SOTR), I think is really emotionally captivating
    7) Radionova: really a wonderful program, the music is beautiful ans the choreography is easy but effective
    8) Osmond's Carmen: I have to say that I didn't expect such an innovative choreography for an overused music like this!
    9) Makarova
    10) Liza
    And, may I say also say which is the worst program? Both of Leonova's!

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    Hmm, my thoughts...

    - Yuna - Generic David Wilson, it's okay but I feel like he didn't try much...
    - Suzuki - Excellent, masterpiece quality for her...
    - Kostner - It has potential, but it's not quite there yet...
    - Wagner - Excellent, powerful and leaves a big impression...
    - Mao - Excellent, a showcase for her best qualities (elegance, balletic lines, grace, etc.)...
    - Nagasu - Boring, she's capable of so much more...
    - Kiira - Pretty but, alas, boring and not very memorable...
    - Adelina - Gorgeous skater, HORRENDOUS music edit...
    - Gao - Good program but not enough fire to really sell it...
    - Liza - An improvement for her, but not a standout...

    My top three are Mao, Akiko and Ashley, all for different reasons.

    Mao's Swan Lake is so elegant. When Mao goes the simple route, that's when's she's the most breathtaking. The choreography is simple but elegant. I love the edit of the music too. Mao's balletic lines and exquisite grace makes this a standout. The footwork and spiral sequence (as well as the quiet part in the middle) are my favorite moments.

    Akiko's Cirque program is unique. Her dress is far and away the most beautiful of anyone's this season and I just love the feel of her program. Her arm movements in the footwork are lovely and I absolutely adore the spiral sequence and ending. Her performance at NHK was the actually gave me chills. SO beautiful. I think she's been robbed a lot this season...

    Ashley's Samson & Delilah is very powerful. It suits her style. There's an elegance and polish to Ashley but she's mostly fire and I love how her program is tailored to that. She takes command of the ice and the program and just powers through it. I love the choreographed layback and the spiral sequence at the end. I think it's an excellent follow up to her Black Swan and she's had a number of amazing performances of it.

    Those are my top 3. Honorable mention goes to Kanako Murakami's Tango (I really love how she performs and I love this LP for her) and Angela Wang's Ladies in Lavender LP (she's really going to be amazing one day).

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    Akiko Suzuki's, Ashley Wagner's, and Adelina Sotnikova's. Mirai's is pretty good as well, although IMO, not as good as the other three.

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    The most memorable program, to me, is Ashley's. I also like Mao's program--especially the footwork section to the end. Yu Na's, not so much--beautiful jumps, but not much else. I will withhold final judgment, however, because I don't think she was giving it 100%. Akiko's LP is a masterpiece--though not as memorable to me as Ashley's. Carolina's Bolero at Nationals was impressive, but I need to see her do it again before I make it a favorite. And that's all I can remember!

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