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Thread: Angélique Abachkina & Louis Thauron

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    Angélique Abachkina & Louis Thauron

    Ice dancers Angélique Abachkina & Louis Thauron represent France. Abachkina was born 26 January 2000 in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, while Thauron was born 5 August 1995 in Paris, France.

    I really liked their FD in Riga and I am looking forward to see how they develop in the future.
    They were 8th at Junior Worlds last season.

    JGP Riga 2015 FD.

    JGP Riga 2015 SD

    Junior Worlds 2015 FD.

    Junior Worlds 2015 SD.

    Isu page.

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    I really enjoyed them. They improved so much, especially technically, just looke at their Step Seqs, very sharp and clean movements. Igor did a terrific job, of course they still have to work a lot, but for now they look VERY promising.

    P.S. And she's SO very pretty

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    that Indian routine was so neat! I loved the choreography. She is a star tbh

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    Count me in. Love watching these two, though I think their sd is better than the fd.
    For now

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