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Thread: Renewed Czisny ready to return to ice in Omaha

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    But, what was her SP score? Between 55 and 60 I guess, considering the huge mistake in the lutz (probably UR) but the high PCS that she surely received (being just a local competition)...

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    Aww...what a nice performance. Thanks to Yuki for the links to the videos and to Sk8Boi for the review. Good to know that Alissa hit her 3Lz/2T in practice, anyway.

    As far as we can tell from this one example, she seems to be pretty much recovered from her surgery. She will still have to pour on the coal if she expects to go compete with Mirai and Gracie for the second spot at Nationals. Alissa will never be a fierce skater, but "what she does, she does so well -- makes me want to yell!"

    I especially enjoyed her footwork sequence. Easy does it, but from the Fox video you can see all the steps and turns that she incorporates -- excellent.

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    Very beautiful performance for a first time out after an injury. Her layback is absolutely stunning! She looks like she is in great physical shape as well. She does need to skate with more speed going into the jumps though. I think that would alleviate two foot landings. I can't wait to see her at Nationals!

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    That SP is almost as good as any SP she has put out there in recent years.

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    Pretty good performance. I do agree she needs a little more speed so she doesn't botch the jumps. The lack of transitions is a bit of a concern....though she will rack up points on those spins -- beautiful!

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