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Thread: Food Network's Celebrity Cook Off Season 2 (Johnny Weir)

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    yeah he and Tori met on the set of a lifetime movie. wrecked a supposedly (according to him right before their affair) happy and tight marriage (with kids). pretty sad situation. I have a hard time liking a guy like that LOL

    But he lives to cook another day - and that's as it should be. Johnny was definitely the weakest link of the cooks left. Not surprised with the results tonight.

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    I vaguely recall Dean's pre-Tori relationship. People get into bad relationships or good relationships go bad. As long as the mistakes are not repeated continually and the person shows growth, there really shouldn't be negativity on past behaviors. So far, I haven't heard of he and Tori being at odds.

    I"m glad Johnnie acknowledges his weaknesses. I do think people 'discount' kids eating habits. Part of it is dependent upon parental guidance. Kids who are exposed to a lot of different flavors appreciate them, but of course, there's always going to be something you might not like. (i.e. My nephew loves sushi and all other Asian foods that don't have cilantro, but he hates cheese - won't eat pizza. He's also anti-vegetable right now, but I think most people grow into vegetables.)

    So, I'm glad that Dean is safe and agree that Johnnie was the weakest of the remaining.

    I am sorta getting tired of Carnie and Kathie always being flustered. Of the remaining 4, I think Kathie's the weakest - she pretty consistently doesn't complete her dishes (i.e. no salsa this week.)

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    Now that Johnny is gone I can stop watching.

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