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Thread: Isabella Tobias denied Lithuanian citizenship

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    News Isabella Tobias denied Lithuanian citizenship

    The president of Lithuania refused Monday to grant citizenship to an American figure skater who had hoped to compete for the Baltic country at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.


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    D. Stagniunas and his partner's Olympic dream

    From a tweet:

    I remember that in the previous Olympic cycle, the same thing happened to another American partner of Stagniunas, K. Copely, therefore they split in 2010.
    Why was Tobias hoping for a different outcome than Copely got?

    At least both of them went to worlds, because probably in the US they would have not had that chance.

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    Not surprised at the outcome, only surprised that Tobias thought her case would be any different.

    Does that mean the breakup of this partnership?

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    A good question...a sad question, but a good question

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    The reason given by the President of Lithuania was a previous court ruling that citizenship cannot be granted solely on the promise of "future merit." I wonder if that means that if Tobias and Stagniunas had already won a world championship or something, then that would put the matter in a different category?

    Kind if funny that the President is named Dalia Grybauskaite.

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