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Thread: Do You Purchase the Ice Show Souvenir Programs?

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    Do You Purchase the Ice Show Souvenir Programs?

    I am of course referring to the souvenir programs that are "flogged" at skating shows. I used to collect them when I went to shows such as Ice Capades and Holiday on Ice. I've found the programs don't have much content anymore, just photos of the skaters. It's kind of expensive here in Canada - $15.00. I don't know what you pay in the US. I quite liked the programs from the past, but I am kind of disappointed in the programs of late. I usually take a pass on them - although this time I bought one.

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    I usually buy them. I'm a sucker for pics! Also, just in case I have a chance to get a program autographed. The SOI programs have cost about $15.00 in recent years.

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    I've bought some as well. My most 'valuable' one is likely my 1st SOI show that was in Memoriam to Sergei Grinkov. Several years ago, it was selling on Ebay for more than $40. I believe it was only sold that one night.

    THe other programs won't have any fiscal value unless you got them autographed.

    I do like to look at them every now and then as they remind me of some of my favorite routines, skaters, shows.

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    I have bought a few programs because I go to shows so rarely that it isn't a terrible extra splurge to get a program. I've never regretted it. I also have a few programs that friends have brought for me, including one gift of a Skates of Gold program (I think the first of the three Skates of Gold programs). This was from my skating friend, who attended (I think it was in Albany?). This show was also broadcast on TV, so the program can remind me of my experience directly. I also have one or two other programs, but nothing as impressive as the Grinkov memorial program. That must have been an intense emotional experience, Heyang.

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