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Thread: Lysacek out of US Nationals

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigsisjiejie View Post
    Talk is cheap. I personally don't think we'll see Lysacek competing again.
    maybe he can pair up with Mirai?

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    Quote Originally Posted by evangeline View Post
    If Lysacek is surrounded by sycophants like Scott Hamilton and Sandra Bezic, it's not surprising he's so delusional about his chances of defending his OGM.
    I don't think Hamilton and Besic are sycophnants at all. They are enthusiastic about skating and give encouragement to all skaters. Plus, they work for NBC television which naturally wants to cash in on whatever name recognition Lysacek may still have with the once-every-four-years crowd.

    Likewise, I don't think Evan has any delusions about his chances of winning another metal. They are (as we say in the old west),"slim to none, and Slim left town."

    If you watch the body language between Scott and Lysacek at the end of the interview, it is pretty clear that they are both pulling our legs. Especially the part abput how many quads Evan is going to do.

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