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Thread: Emanuel Sandhu - Comeback nationals 2013

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    Emanuel Sandhu - Comeback nationals 2013

    Here is his program from the 2013 Canadian Nationals :


    To be honest, I was never a great fan of him, but I have to admit that I have enjoy his skating at this nationals
    Even if doesn't have put the big trick (triple axel and quad), I find that Emanuel was very pleasant to watch.
    I miss this kind of skating like he does. He was feeling the music in the entire program and even if the choreography and steps were simple, I find myself that it was remarkably beautiful to watch compared to the other skaters.

    I hope that he will train hard and be much prepared at the 2014 Canadian Nationals. He has something special and I think that it would be great if he makes the Olympic team.

    He certainly can be proud of his comeback because for the first time, I find that he have enjoy himself, his skating and the moment. He looks so happy in the kiss&Cry.

    What are your thought about him and is comeback!
    Do you think that he have a chance to earn a spot at the 2014 Olympic games ?

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    If he can train hard, gets some good coachign and some great programs I do believe he coujld make the Canadian team but I think it woujld be hard to be super competitive (thisis if Canada gets three men`s spots. Maybe Reynolds will break trhough - he will need to be say 8th if Chan continues to struggle.

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    His comeback was fun to watch but I dont think he can make the Olympic team. Athletically it is too hard to keep up with the younger skaters at the very top. I could see him getting up as high as maybe 5th next year if he keeps going.

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    IDK. He just had some unfinished business, and I believe this was his swan song. It was so nice to see him enjoy this comp. and I'm glad he got to skate in the Gala. I was always such a huge fan of his even though he broke my heart many times.

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    Just to have the chance to see Sandhu on the ice again is enough for me. He brings something to the ice that few other skaters can achieve even in practices. He did have a quad at one time, though I don't know whether he can keep up with what's going on now. But he's a unique presence principally because, as coolboogie 22 points out, music is very important to him.

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    I agree with ravenesque in terms of it being his swan song. I saw both programs and he was magic. He can't keep up with what's going on now but he sure could lead master classes on how to express, how to act on the ice. You really felt like you were being drawn into a superb ballet and the crowds disappeared and that dreadful Canadian Tire logo was no longer on the ice and he was performing for you and you alone. The fans were so supportive;you could have heard a pin drop in the place. I'm astounded to realize that he's 32! Where has the time gone?

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