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Thread: Polina Edmunds has ambitious SP

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    Quote Originally Posted by let`s talk View Post
    Is it seriously that ambitious to challenge 3Lu-3T with underrotated 3F in Junior Ladies? Really?
    Her issues have been hit or miss in terms of UR/DG.

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    Polina Edmund has a russian mother, who coached her as well. Polina is a russian name

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    Quote Originally Posted by mskater93 View Post
    Depends on what happens in Senior Ladies, but usually the Junior National Champion goes with two Senior (National) level skaters to JWs, so probably.
    ok, so it Polina E., Hannah , Hicks and Wang should be in the mix for junior worlds

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    It's ambitious to try ANY 3/3 in front of the USFS tech panels. They've been URing and <<ing 80-90% of ladies' attempts at both Junior and Senior levels.

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