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Thread: 2013 Europeans Pairs LP

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    The article is in German but just to have all information available to all i put it here. Ingo Steuer obviously gave an interview after the pairs FP. and what he plans with his team for the Olympic season.

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    Not that anyone cares, but my favorites were the French team.

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    I have not viewed any Euros video, and maybe I am the last to see this poignant photo of Trankov as he pays tribute to his late father. (I hope that I'm making a safe assumption as to what T's body language represents.)
    Without knowing too much about Trankov, I have the impression that under normal circumstances, he is a fun-loving, life-of-the-party kind of guy. Such a sad contrast to see him in mourning. :(
    Condolences to the Trankov family (and congratulations to V/T for their Euros gold).

    The bittersweet but beautiful photo is from Absolute Skating.
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    Thanks for sharing that photo, golden411!

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    Quote Originally Posted by galchonok1729 View Post
    Actually at the very beginning I referred just all those comments which stated that VT's programm was boring, that those people do not like their choreography and etc. And that all the judges just made some tricks in favour of Volosozhar and Trankov and that is why they won at least FP. So to this point I can say that I DO like their choreography and like Morozov choreography and choice of music of their programm and think that it was more impressive than SS' programm. This is a subjective point and depends on a person's taste always! now I know that SS lost in tr. mark. So I am not a judge even if I agree that in my personal opinion there were more transitions in their programm but it is a slight difference to my mind. So and was the difference in marks for transitions huge in order to make it a huge theme? (I am just interested).
    Actually, what's interesting is that while there is still a lot of room for subjectivity, the goal of COP was to remove as much as possible. So when we say choreography and one should've been scored higher than the others, we really should be quoting the rule book and explaining based on that - which would be interesting (and still subjective, of course).

    Is the transition mark enough to be a huge theme? As LRK stated, PCS are generally clumped around each other, and they shouldn't be. But I would have no problem dropping them by 1.5 points in transitions alone (from borderline Outstanding to merely Good/Very Good).

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