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Thread: Czisny undergoes successful hip surgery

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    Quote Originally Posted by cohkaix View Post
    The "Artistry on Ice" 2013 tour by Shen&Zhao will invite Alissa to attend the first show of the tour, which will be in Taipei on Jun 8th. (Not sure if she'll also join the rest of the shows...) They recently made the announcement on the official webpage and FB page of Artistry on Ice.
    How wonderful for Alissa. Nice to hear she will be back doing what she loves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman View Post
    I am always curious about who writes these Wikipedia pages on skaters.
    Anyone, everyone... You can change it if you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by golden411 View Post
    FigureSkatingHarlem ‏@FSinHarlem
    #alissaczisny is just 1 of the skaters who'll be at our annual Gala on 4/8! Check out our event page for more info:
    7:42 AM - 30 Mar 13
    It's @FSinHarlem's "Skating with the Stars Gala" (not a show), but presumably Czisny will be on skates. I wonder whether attendees will be able to get any sense of her viability for the coming season.
    Thanks for this info! I wish the tickets to attend were a little more reasonable, as I'd love to go to this. (It seems the lowest one can contribute to attend the gala is $325, and the next level up is $1200!) The list of skaters sounds quite enviable.

    From the listing of events ( it seems like there won't really be performances, more like just being on the ice with all these skaters skating together. If anyone attends, would love to hear a report of how it went.

    Glad to see Alissa has resumed training and is scheduled to do a show in June. All the best to her.

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    Thanks for the updated information. Go Alissa!

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    Great to hear!

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