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Thread: Instant gratification in figure skating

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    Oh whoops, sorry, for some inexplicable reason I read 'anything' instead of 'everything'...blergh. Quite right, the playing field was pretty divided that season, with veterans returning and powerful juniors ascending...perhaps we're seeing that cycle repeat again right now? I'm excited to see how the competition will shape up, how Mao and Carolina and Yuna fare in their comebacks against the new kids on the block.

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    And another thing if you look early in Plushenko's career, it took him time to develop into the competitor he is today. He made some pretty big mistakes at his first worlds even if he medaled (he had less competition) It took him a few years to finally win the world title....But later on as he got use to the competition, he became better...Even Tara who was a great competitor, had a disasterous short program at her worlds debut!

    Labeling a young girl a headcase just because she's not 100% perfect at the Senior level right of the bat is ridiculous. Everyone needs to get use to the surroundings, crowd at the senior level.... I was impressed with how Adelina handled herself at Euros. I think she is learning. And the same goes for all of these kids.

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    I was so happy for Adelina at Euros! And I'm a Liza fan. It was just so joyous to see her "get it together" and prove that she can do it - hopefully to herself most of all...

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