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Thread: Tarah Kayne & Danny O'Shea

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    Tarah Kayne & Danny O'Shea

    Possibly the biggest surprise of the US championships, this team had only competed once before the 2015 nationals due to Tarah's hip surgery and came out of nowhere to win the bronze medal. I had the chance to meet them after the competition, and let me just tell you that they may be some of the nicest people you will ever meet! I am now a big fan of theirs, and I can't wait to see them compete a full season! While we wait, however, here are some tidbits you may want to check out on them.

    ISU bios:

    Tarah's wikipedia:

    Danny's wikipedia:

    IceNetwork Bio: entry:

    Social Media

    Official Website:

    Tarah's twitter:

    Tarah's Instagram:

    Danny's twitter:

    Danny's Instagram:


    2014-15 SP: "Your Song" by Ewan McGregor
    2014-15 FS: Selections from Spartacus by Aram Khatchaturian
    Costumes by Dawn Imperatore

    2014-15 Four Continents SP:
    2014-15 Four Continents FS:

    2014-15 US Nationals FS:
    2015 US Nationals Social Scene video:
    2025 US Nationals Preview: Get to know Danny O'Shea

    2013-14 SP: James Bond by John Barry
    2013-14 FS: Don Quixote by Leon Minkus
    Costumes by Dawn Imperatore

    2013-14 Four Continents SP
    2013-14 Four Continents FS British Eurosport

    2013 Skate Detroit SP
    2013 Skate Detroit FS

    2013 Fort Wayne Pairs Classic SP

    2012-13 SP: Selections from My Fair Lady by Frederick Loewe
    2013-13 FS: Selections from The Nutcracker by Pytor Tchaikovsky

    2013 Challenge Cup SP
    2013 Challenge Cup FS

    2012 Indy Challenge SP

    Tarah & Danny teamed up in 2012 and thus do not have any other programs.

    International Personal Best Scores

    Combined total: 181.45-2015 4CC
    Short Program: 62.05-2015 4CC
    Free Skate: 119.40-4CC

    Competitive History

    Competition SP LP Final
    2015 Four Continents Championships 8 8 8 ( 166.67)
    2015 U.S. National Championships 4 3 3 (185.31)
    2014 Golden Spin of Zagreb 3 3 3 (161.72)
    2014 Four Continents Championships 3 2 2 (181.45)
    2014 U.S. National Championships 7 6 6 (173.89)
    2013 Ice Challenge 3 2 3 (157.65)
    2013 U.S. International Classic 4 3 3 (167.27)
    2013 Challenge Cup 3 2 2 (167.82)
    2013 U.S. National Championships 9 7 7 (148.32)
    2013 U​.S. Eastern Sectionals 1 1 1 (137.72)

    Dear awesome Mods,

    Taking a cue from golden411, I will be updating this thread whenever I find relevant things to help with the Fan Fest Fete. I'm going to cheat a little and start my summer in May, but I hope this helps because you guys are awesome and I will do anything I can to help with this extremely worthy endeavor!

    Golden Skate Articles and Threads

    June 2015: "Kayne and O’Shea continue to progress" by Paula Slater
    Associated Thread:

    Other Articles and media

    Tarah's blog!

    Jan 2015 Report on US Nationals Pairs Competition

    USFSA Press release about Tarah's injury and surgery

    Jan 2014 report on Four Continents, including Danny and Tarah's silver medal.performances

    June 2013/articlenabout the formation of the pait: "Kayne, O'Shea shake, stir 'Bond' in new short, Burgeoning pair turns to espionage at USFS pairs camp"
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    Layback Your thread is great! Thank you

    I just added some video and article links, but one that no fan of Danny and Tarah's should miss is Tarah's blog!
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