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    Elena Radionova

    Russian figure skater Elena Igorevna Radionova (Russian: Елена Игоревна Радионова) was born January 6, 1999, in Moscow, Russia. Elena is the 2015 Russian National Ladies Champion. She is also.the 2015 World bronze medalist.

    How to pronounce Elena's name correctly (video by sabinfire):

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    Here is Elena!

    Brief Career Summary

    Elena is the 2015 World bronze medalist, the 2015 European silver medalist, the 2014 Grand Prix Final silver medalist, and the 2015 Russian national champion. She is also a two-time World Junior champion, and the 2012 JGP Final champion.

    Biographical Information

    ISU Biography:

    Fsrussia biography

    Ice Network Profile:

    Wikipedia Article: profile

    Social Media Information

    Her vk:



    Personal Best Total Score 209.54 ISU European Championships 2015
    Personal Best Score Short Program 70.46 ISU European Championships 2015
    Personal Best Score Free Skating 139.08 ISU European Championships 2015


    2015-2016 Season
    SP: Je t'aime by Lara Fabian, choreo. by Nikolai Mozorov
    FS: Titanic by James Horner, choreo. by Nikolai Mozorov

    Russian Test Skates SP:
    Russian Test Skates FS:

    2014-2015 Season
    SP: De mi vera te fuistes (Seguiriyas) by Pepe Romero, Ain't It Funny by Jennifer Lopez, choreo. by Ilia Averbukh, Elena Maslennikova
    FS: Piano Concerto No. 3 and Trio Elegiaque No. 2 by Sergei Rachmaninoff, choreo. by Ilia Averbukh, Elena Maslennikova

    2015 World Championships SP:
    2015 World Championships FS:

    2015 Europeans SP:
    2015 Europeans FS:

    2014 Grand Prix Final SP:
    2014 Grand Prix Final FS:

    2014 Trophee Eric Bompard SP:
    2014 Trophee Eric Bompard FS:

    2014 Skate America SP:
    2014 Skate America FS:

    2013-2014 Season
    SP: Anna Karinina Two Steps from Hell, choreo. by Ilia Averbukh, Elena Maslennikova
    FS: Spanish Swat, Frida by Rope,vchoreo. by Ilia Averbukh, Elena Maslennikova

    2014 Junior Worlds SP:
    2014 Junior Worlds FS

    2013 Grand Prix Final SP:
    2013 Grand Prix Final FS:

    2013 NHK Trophy SP:
    2013 NHK Trophy FS:

    2013 Skate Americs SP:
    2013 Skate America FS:

    2012- 2013 Season
    SP: Carmenita Lounging by Claude Challe, The Diva Dance (from The Fifth Element) performed by Inva Mula
    FS: And Finally I Love You by Dmitry Malikov, The Country of Deaf by Alexei Aygi

    2013 Junior Worlds SP:
    2013 Junior Worlds FS:

    2012 JGP Final SP:
    2012 JGP Final FS:

    Exhibition Performances

    I Will Always Love You:

    Queen of the Night/I Will Always Love You:



    Zombie Dance:

    Rolling in the Deep:

    Articles and Interviews

    August 2015- Riedell Skates Interviews Elena

    July 2015- Elena's trip to Minnesota

    July 2014 Golden Skate Article:

    Figure Skating Online Interview:

    September 2013 International Figure Skating Magazine Article:

    August 2013 Ice Network Article:

    December 2012 Golden Skate Article:

    Competitive History

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