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Thread: Coach/Rink Suggestions in the LA area?

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    Lightbulb Coach/Rink Suggestions in the LA area?

    I am going to be working in LA for two weeks and am trying to find a great place for my kids to train while I am there. Can anyone suggest the best rink with some inspiring short term coaches (that may have availability). They are Intermediate and Juvenile level skaters who train 5X to 6X per week.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Welcome to Golden Skate lisanyck8! I hope you can find the coaches & rinks you need.

    Our "find a rink" app, linked above may at least help you get a start, but I hope someone who skates in the LA area will post a good answer.

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    Los Angeles is a very big place. What part of the city will you be in? Also, do your kids have any favorite skaters that train in the L.A. area who they would like to have a chance to share the ice with? For example, Ashley Wagner trains in Orange County, Mirai Nagasu trains in Burbank, Caroline Zhang trains in Artesia, etc.

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    If you're in the Orange County area, Ilia Kulik and Katia Gordeeva have opened Kulik's Skating and have classes from beginner to advanced. They do all the instruction - Katia instructs the younger kids. If you're interested you can find them at - they have links to contact them directly from that site and the phone number of the rink.
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