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Thread: Tonya Harding should become commentator.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DianaSelene View Post
    Actually, I believe Mishin commentated on one of the Russian channels the 2010 Vancouver ice dance programs. Can't remember for sure, it was either the compulsory or original dance.
    Was he any good?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olympia View Post
    I'd never feel comfortable watching her commentate on any skating. I'm sorry, but the skating world has no place for her. As KKonas points out, it wasn't just what happened to Nancy.
    But then again, yeah, it was.

    Even if you are Janet Lynn, Dorothy Hamill, and Michelle Kwan rolled into one, complicity in a criminal plot to assault and disable a fellow competitor -- you have to draw a line, no matter how many years pass.

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    You're right, Math, and I stand corrected. Whenever this subject comes up, I am reminded that an inch in the other direction would not have ended quite so uneventfully for Nancy. It makes my blood run cold when I think of what that little crew was willing to do to get Tonya into the Olympics. And really, all Tonya had to do was to practice and skate up to her potential, and she'd have been an asset to any team of any country in the known universe.

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    Strange, I was watching something on ESPN about a basketball player with tough breaks. Sam? who played for Portland, Oregon team. Showed crowd and swear I saw the young Tonya. She loved sports like most skaters. Funny her name came up.

    I have much compassion and believe in second chances but the ban for life was correct. It is sad she did not have the support/family/money to allow here to believe in herself without the whack. Nancy, bless her still skates. She never got her gold nor her due, methinks. Same Oly medals as Kwan. And a beuaty to boot,as was/is Kwan.

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    I freakin' love this idea! Tonya and Johnny Weir would make great team. Holy cow, the thought of it. Would be much better than Tonia Kwiatkowski and Mike Mancuso. (TK's not bad, actually; I quite like the technical precision of her commentary. But Mancuso is a sad blight on IN coverage.)

    A bit random, but do any of you have Universal Sports? Have you heard the person they had doing "commentary" on their 4CC and Euros coverage? I think she also records airport PA messages.

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    IN is going to have Four Continents after Feb 17. I'm hoping its the non-commentary version they will have.

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