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Thread: Congratulations Kevin Reynolds!

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    It is an adorable clip. Kevin speaks well and is good at interviews, and has a sly wit. He endeared himself to me forever at last years worlds when he was 12th. In the interview after his skate but before the last skaters, he said - , "Well, I've done my bet. It's up to PAtrick now" The magic number for Canada being 13.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yude View Post
    Medal Ceremony

    Kevin looks so happy on the podium and the Japanese crowds love Kevin
    I was happy to hear his Japanese in the interview
    I was happy to hear it too! Kevin looked quite surprised at first when he got standing ovation and such loud applause from the audience, but now he knows he has lots of fans in Jpn. Jpnse fans love quad jumpers, and his other elements improved so much this season, so far I have not seen or heard a single complaint against his win amongst skating fans in my country. Everyone here is happy for him. I'm even grateful for Kevin beating Yuzu. I like Yuzu more or less, but it's not so good for him to win too much at his age. He needs to experience losing more, and gets used to the fact that he's got more strong rivals on the way; not just Dai, Javi, nor Pattie. Anyways, congrats Kevin! Keep up the good work!

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    I am a huge fan of Yuzuru, but personally I don't have any complaint against his win either. The Worlds's going to be more and more exciting and interesting
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    Quote Originally Posted by dorispulaski View Post
    I think one of the Canadian channels was supposed to cover 4CC's later?
    Hockey. Hockey lockout was over and CBC couldn't even muster their 4 hours of 4CCs for Saturday and Sunday. Because you know, they just had to air as much hockey as possible.!

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