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Thread: Your favorite figure skater in social media

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    Your favorite figure skater in social media

    So, which figure skaters have your favorite social media? Anything from Twitter, blogs, YouTube channels, etc.

    I am having a blast looking through Misha Ge's 4CC pics being relayed through this forum's Twitter feed. As someone who doesn't really do that sort of thing (I don't even have a FaceBook account), well, I am quite enjoying his Tweeting.

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    Misha Ge, Kaetlyn Osmond and D/W. +Shibs on YouTube.

    I want to thank Misha Ge for uploading photos from 4CC I really enjoyed seeing them.
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    I don't use facebook very often and don't use twitter but only recently enjoyed some skaters twitters listed here on GS so not hard to miss. Misha Ge has good photos and seems interesting and Eric Radford has had some nice photos too as well as a few others.

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    Hands Down, the Shibsibs series on youtube Misha Ge is good too.

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    The Shibs on Facebook & Twitter!

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    Agree with Misha Ge and the Shibs, another one I might add is Akiko Suzuki's blog, she posts about different aspects of her life and someone on the internet makes English versions of the entries.

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