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Thread: GS server upgrade: are "lost" posts recoverable? (Feb 19, 2013)

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    GS server upgrade: are "lost" posts recoverable? (Feb 19, 2013)

    A few hours ago (9:30-ish ET, I think?), I received some sort of message about a GS server upgrade -- when I happened to be trying to add a post to a new thread started by Doris.

    Thanks for upgrading the server. GS will be handling a lot of traffic during Worlds, I'm sure.

    Having just now returned to to GS, I see that the new thread from Doris is missing.

    And when I look at the stream at, it skips from "Yesterday, 2:55 pm" to "Today, 10:56 am" (ET).
    Within that gap of time, I know that I had posted at least a couple of things last night -- and no doubt that many other GS members also had added posts.

    Not the end of the world, but any chance that everyone's missing posts are recoverable?
    Just curious.

    (For instance, the missing new thread from Doris was about optimistic comments from Skate Canada's Mike Slipchuk regarding Tessa Virtue and Worlds.)
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    There is still work going on and we hope to recover posts soon that "slipped through" during the migration.

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