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    Sasha Cohen

    Has anyone else noticed that Sasha's Site is finally back in a big way???

    For a long time, even the domain name was gone (this happened after her page stopped being updated following the 2006 Olympics). Then it was back up for some time this year and she's got it back up, completely redesigned and promoting new skates and snap socks! you can tell ]I am a bit of a fan. Just a bit.

    It looks like she is taking it one day at a time and working on some great things. Then too she had that awesome US Championship performance. It gives me hope! To this day I wonder what would have happened if she didn't have that groin injury at the Turin Olympics... Maybe one day... In spite of her odd tendency to "fall off the beam" she is the only skater that takes my breath away--it is so obvious she aspires for perfection, and I hope she can reach that goal.
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    Welcome Sasha!

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    I am a big Sasha fan, too. I think we were lucky to have her in skating. (I'm not speaking as an American but as someone who loves good skating wherever it shows up.) I don't think she has anything to regret with her silver medal, though of course it would have been amazing for her to get the OGM. Her skating had weaknesses, of course, but her strengths outweighed them. I'm glad she remained in skating as a pro, though I'm equally glad she's pursuing an education. Let's see what happens next!

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    Sasha was simply exquisite at moments. I loved to see the jumps with pointed toes. Glad to see a Sasha thread. I often wonder if she had been a great competitor, or even half the fighter that Kwan was, would we all have been saying Michelle who? IMO, Sasha was unable to deal with the huge following MK had amassed by the time Sasha came along. Peggy has said that nothing intimidated Tara. And clearly one could see Tara was far beyond her 14 years when she exoloded on the scene. She looked like a novice but had a very adult view of how to win. Sarah clearly was taught she could conquer the world. At least skating. Oddly, it seems Sarah has not gone after the degrees or career I thought she would. I always wished both girls had stayed in after Oly gold. Sarah did of course one more season, but she was out of shape and also, the judges I feel underscored her.

    Sasha, when you watch her 2002 Oly SP was wonderful. I strongly sensed she was very intimidated by the very loud support MK always got at Skate America and Nationals. She was clearly plagued with doubts when she skated and she did not ever display the confidence/ killer instict I saw with Tara and Sarah. They clearly believed in themselves and felt they could beat Michelle and Irina. I hate to see such talent go pro so fast. It would have made FS far more interesting, especially nationals.

    Sasha has gotten very stale for me in recent years with uninteresting programs with only her signature spirals/spins. Now we have several little Russian clones who marvel with her flexibility and the moves she made famous. Still, her competitive programs were beautiful. Sadly her falls marred what would have likely been many gold medal skates. It goes to show how rare folks like Witt and Kwan were. Irina was another who sometimes let her confidence force mistakes. I wish we had two or three great American ladies duking it out! I wonder if Ashley/Gold could turn into such a match? It would be glrious to see real confidence from these two. I think Gao could be a third. She has got confidence now to match the package.

    Sasha was the prototype for the gumby skater. Clearly Mao must have been a Sasha fan...anyone know if she ever said something like that? I know she idolized Midori's jumps but she skates like Sasha. When I first saw her I felt she was a young Sasha who could land the jumps.

    Sasha Cohen will always be loved for exquisite moments. But she left us frustrated after 'konsistent kwan.' At least I was always feeling that.

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    Alexandra Cohen: Olympic Silver Medalist
    By Kenya Watson
    Posted Apr 1 2013 - 10:01pm

    News to me: "Alex is leaning towards a major in political science, a shift from her previous choice of financial economics, although she readily admits that it may change."

    (And by the way, in case any fans missed this Cohen thread in The Edge:

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    ^Thank you! Always nice to hear from Sasha!

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    Very nice to hear about Sasha! I'm glad she's enjoying the college experience and exploring different subjects. She spent most of her childhood and adolescence concentrating on skating. Now she's opening her mind and letting everything in. This is exactly what she should be doing. I hope we keep getting messages about her.

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    Happy for the success of Sasha, She began skating when she was seven years old. The first time she went skating with a friend. Before she was a figure skater, she was a serious gymnast. She didn't become totally committed to figure skating until she was ten. She become master when she was eleven.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skateluvr View Post
    Clearly Mao must have been a Sasha fan...anyone know if she ever said something like that? I know she idolized Midori's jumps but she skates like Sasha. When I first saw her I felt she was a young Sasha who could land the jumps.
    I remember there was a very early article where she mentioned being a fan of Sasha. She also said she was inspired by Tara's Olympic performance. Interesting, how Yuna was inspired by Michelle and Mao was inspired by Michelle's rivals.

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    I miss Sasha. I was so disappointed when I came downstairs the night of the LP at Nationals and realized she'd missed the Olympic Team. I had to record it because of something that was going on that night and I was so sure she'd make it.

    One of the things I was thinking about recently was I'm surprised she never did a routine to the Rose Adiago from Sleeping Beauty. Ballet music always seemed to be her trademark - she did Carmen, Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and Romeo & Juliet. It feels kind of "wrong" that she missed Sleeping Beauty but maybe it's just because I've been reading some ballet memoirs lately and started thinking of them as a set.

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