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Thread: Who surprised you this season?

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    Who surprised you this season?

    I have to say some truly amazing, good talent emerged. To me, the biggest surprise in male singles was Max Aaron's two programs and win at Nationals. I must say that while he lacks the style of a Jeremy or Rippon, he is very fast, exciting, and picked a great LP music to show off his loose style. His skating is not very defined in details but I had never heard the name nor had I ever seen a snippet before he won the gold! Exciting stuff. The other nice surprise from an American male for me is Jason Brown. I love his skating, oozes style with great detail. His LP is a joy to watch...I loved the choreography.

    Across to Europe, I absolutely love Carolina's programs this year. I hope she can perform her best at worlds. Were both these done by Laurie Nichols? Carolina is a choreographer's dream. Everyone is saying here on GS that the podium is surely some order of Caro, Yuna and Mao if all skate well. Having finally seen Caro's programs, I think judges will like the novelty so late in season-or will that go against her-sitting out the GP? She is the only female whose both programs captivate me. Can she win, with her technical arsenal over a stronger Yuna? I really find Yuna's SP forgettable but her LP to Les Mis as performed at Korean Nationals was a delight. Yuna was committed and passionate. Warm Yuna skated that day. Loved it! Mao's LP is delightful and a great TAT vehicle for her. That said, her SP is for me, very cute, but juniorish and forgettable.

    It is Caro who once again keeps me glued to every movement with two fab music choices. I never thought a few years back that i would add Caro to my list of fave skaters, but I have. I would be happy to see her win. Ashley and Philip Mills are another good team. I like bother her programs and hope she can hold it together at Worlds.

    The last two wonderful surprises for the ladies were the 17 year old North American girls, Gracie and Kaetlyn. Gracies' LP at Nationals was incredible. I had never seen her skate a perfect program and it was awesome! If only she learns to compete every event! I loved the LP. But the sudden stardom of Osmond makes me think canada could have a huge star again. I loved Joannie, she was my favorite Cnd lady ever, but Osmond is an amazing young dancer who can jump. She is a beautiful girl who sparkles.

    What a great surprise! Just when you were sad that Canada had no great lady to offer, Osmond appears. New to me. I just enjoy this gal so much. She is a joy and may she skate long and often.

    Another lady I did not know of since she was out two years is USA's Samantha Cesario. She is a beautiful skater, so elegant, and her black Swan LP is seamless. I think she is lovely. I have forgotten where she placed at Nationals, but she is lovely. At 19, she skated junior worlds-? Not sure how this works, but I am impressed. I wish her well and imagine more difficult jump combos are what holds her down. She's new to me. So, with dance, pairs or other singles, who or what surprised you this season. I mentioned what I liked. What surprised you pos or neg this season? Hard to believe worlds is almost here and that's it.
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    None of the things that you mentioned are surprising in the slightest because they are the same as last season.

    Osmond being the exception. She is the surprise of the season.

    Great jumps, extremely well choreographed programs, great charisma on the ice. She has the whole package if there ever was one.

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    And Max Aaron who was 8th last year, and now Champion is not a shocker? How many here even remember him from last year unless they are ubers like you that watch every junior performance? Programs change every year, and what is like last year? Also, the Q is what surprised/shocked in any way...Osmond is not the only surprise-but clearly the lovliest!

    How about on the negative? Any performance or program leave you wretching?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skateluvr View Post
    How about on the negative? Any performance or program leave you wretching?
    Two SPs - Jason's, and Artur's. Didn't like either of them. I think Artur has gone too "serious" too fast.

    Good surprises: Max and Ross. I didn't pay all that much attention to the US men except Josh and Jason before now. But their smiles as they skated at Nationals had me in a heartbeat.

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    Javier Fernandez - already liked him from last year, but he really seems to have come into his own this year; his LP this year is so fun to watch and such a great fit for him.

    Kaetlyn Osmond - fierce, energetic, great personality - I just love her Mambo SP. I noticed her last year at Canadian Nationals, where she won the SP, so she didn't appear completely out of nowhere.

    Zijun Li - absolutely lovely . If you're going to be a pretty princess in a pastel dress skating to soft ballet music, this is the way to do it.

    Papadakis/Cizeron - watched them for the first time at Junior Worlds and I'm already a fan.

    Kanako Murakami - her LP at Japanese Nationals is one of the highlights of this season for me.

    Akiko Suzuki - that I love both her programs this year just like I did last year is an extremely pleasant surprise for me .

    Special mentions go to:

    - the Russian girls' team at Europeans
    - the Japanese boys' team in the GP series - 12 medals total (and 5 of the 7 golds!), including the GPF. When I want to forget about Japanese Nationals and 4CC, I think about how great they all were at the start of the season.

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    Pogorilaya - just another Russian skater to a JGPF and Junior World bronze medalist

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    Gracie Gold! And Jason Brown surprised me last year and only got better this year.

    Max Aaron surprised me because I had never noticed him before - but I'm not a fan of his skating style.

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    Not yet mentioned... Surprised in a good way:

    Javier Fernandez. I know he's not new to the world stage, but it's the first year I've actually taken notice. I thought he was destined to become one of the second-tier skaters... talented, of course, but not really a podium threat in a major championship.

    B/Z, US pairs bronze medalists. They are the first American pair in many years that I would bother to watch a replay. I look forward to their continued development.

    Surprised in a bad way:

    Edited before posting... I'll keep those thoughts to myself.

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