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Thread: Alexandra Nazarova & Maxim Nikitin

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    Alexandra Nazarova & Maxim Nikitin

    Here is the thread for this amazing young ice dance team.
    Nazarova's real Ukrainian name is Oleksandra, Alexandra is Russian name. Also she is probably the most beautiful girl in ice dance! (and that's some achievement)

    In 2012 they finished 2nd at the youth olympic games
    In 2013-2014 they made it to the Junior Grand Prix finale and finished 5th
    In 2014-2015 they won gold at Ukraine Senior Nationals, they won a bronze medal at Junior Worlds.
    They were also send to Senior Euros where they finished 11th for their first participation and Senior Worlds where they finished 17th.
    They now live in Moscow and are coached by Sacha Zhulin.

    ISU bio
    wiki Alexandra
    wiki Maxim


    2012-2013: SD (love it!) FD
    2013-2014: SD FD (lovely)
    2014-2015: JWC SD samba/rumba FD EX - EC SD paso/flamenco FD - WC SD FD

    What is so great about them is that they have innovative moves and routines. They are quirky and inventive and just lovely! I hope they win lots of medals!!!
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    thanks for starting the thread, i really enjoyed them at junior worlds too! and i agree, she is gorgeous
    here is an article about them

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    Thanks for the thread! I am looking forward to their debut as full-time Seniors!
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    Thanks for the article the way they thought and constructed their program with a poetic and intricate background story reminds me of Nathalie & Fabian. It also makes me like the FD even more!

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