While we're celebrating new discoveries from this season, I though Anna Pogorilaya deserved a thread. After all, Anna has medalled in all four of her international outings this year! I found that impressive when Yu Na Kim did it, and I find it impressive in this 14 year old!

Russia is lucky to have so many great young girls, but even in Russia, that kind of record is not a given.

I haven't found a website for her, but here is her ISU bio

Here is what tracings has:

I hope someone sends the tracings guys a picture of Anna!

And here's Wikipedia

Her best scores were at the JGPF 2012, so here's links to her performances:

Sp JGPF 2012 to Songs from The Victorious City by Anne Dudley
LP JGPF 2013 to Danse de Phryne from "Faust" by Charles Gounod
Junior Worlds 2013 Exhibition to Tango de Roxane from Moulin Rouge