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Thread: Documentary on Daisuke's 2012-13 season and beyond (ENG SUB)

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    Documentary on Daisuke's 2012-13 season and beyond (ENG SUB)

    Originally aired on Japanese TV on December 23, 2012. (WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES!)

    Four parts:
    1: [url][/url]
    2: [url][/url]
    3: [url][/url]
    4: [url][/url]

    [list=1][*] The training throughout his 2012-2013 season is highlighted.[*] The "new era" of young men's skaters (Chan, Hanyu, and Fernandez in particular) is breathing down his back.[*] His challenges with the quad (he admits that he and the toe-loop jump are not exactly the best of friends.)[*] Training with Morozov for a few months in Russia.[*] Russian vegetable dishes from the hotel buffet are apparently very good. [*] He handwashes his underwear using a plastic washboard in Russia because he doesn't want to pay extra expenses for laundry service.[*] Coach Nagamitsu is like his mom. Seriously. That's devotion. ("If polished, he will shine" is what she thought of him when they first met.)[*] The other members of Team Takahashi![*] His long program at the 2010 Olympics (That he received the highest PCS of the night was well-deserved. Also, in the K&C, he said that he didn't think that his performance had been enough for a medal--I'm glad he was wrong.)[*] (I'm starting to think he should go for a different quad.)[*] Daisuke ... I don't think that fish is going to look at you even if you whistle at it.[*] He and Coach Nagamitsu fight over who gets to feel regret over a bad performance first.[*] Daisuke is candid about his place in the sport (relative to Hanyu). [*] Training with Morozov was actually increasing his quad success rate in practice.[*] Grand Prix Final 2012-2013.[*] Seriously, his partnership with Coach Nagamitsu is so heart-warming. [*] Concludes with his long program at Japanese Nationals. (Yeah, you show those quads who's boss, Daisuke!)[/list]

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    Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much for posting these videos!! My admiration for Daisuke has reached even higher levels after watching this documentary--what a guy!!!

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    Thank you for the video!!!

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