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It Is not just that the worlds were a qualifier for the Olympics. It was what Adelina and Elizaveta were presumably working towards Doing well at all season! But instead of doing well or respectably given their level of talent one placed 14 in the sp and the other 8th! It's not like they haven't known for years this is where they wanted to be and were expected to be by everyone for years. Ok both their bodies changed or whatever but they could do everything they planned in both their Sps and lp's and demonstrated it really a few weeks earlier! If worlds comes and they can't do What they can do- no excuse is good. This is where they wanted to be , expected to be, and could do everything. Li didn't medal at any gp but saved her best for worlds which is what i assume every skater wants. Ok so Liza and Adelina are expected to win or medal at every event they go to and when they don't there's problems for them. Of course there is! They have all the talent to win! And they want to do well so if there is a problem they should want to face It and fix it. Euros showed the growth issues werent a problem!
I think that Euros was the flash in the pan, not Worlds. Really, Kostner was the only other skater in Zagreb who could have given the Russian girls a hard time, and she did, even without a clean 3-3 in either segment of the competition. In Korpi's absence, either Tukt or Sotnikova NOT medalling would have boded ill for the future of Russian skating.

Sotnikova is nearly seventeen, and should be done growing. She's well-proportioned--long, strong legs, a flexible and lean torso. Her issue is a psychological one that causes her to doubt herself WHILE SHE'S ROTATING A JUMP, which is a fail-safe recipe for disaster.

But I have to wonder if you even watched Tukt at Worlds. Each movement she made, even in her much-improved free skate, seemed painstaking and slow. It almost looked like she was wading through water while her legs slowly gave out with each jumping pass. She hit a high note at TEB, Russian Nationals, and Euros, but it was painfully clear at the GPF and Worlds that she's still struggling with growth.