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    Ross Miner

    U.S. figure skater Ross Miner was born January 24, 1991, in Burlington, Vermont.

    How Ross Miner pronounces his name:

    ETA-I copied this to Fan Fests, because it's clear Ross "Boss" Miner has a lot of fans at GS!

    As I (and many others) pointed out on the NHK Men's FS thread, Ross is a very underrated skater. But now he has the highest overall SB score out of the U.S. men. And that 4S was beautiful in the FS (though he missed it in the SP). I think he needs more work on making it consistent. But given his past work with his 3A -- I do think this is possible.

    Does anyone think he can rise up the ranks and perhaps even win? Let's discuss.
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