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Thread: Interview with the Shibutanis

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    The Ice Skating Shibutani Siblings Share Their Olympic Dreams
    [INDENT]Posted by Sora Hwang
    March 25, 2013

    Among their comments, the Shibs speak warmly of their Team Canton training mates, coaches, and environment.
    The interview was conducted a few weeks ago, but if the Shibs have any thought of seeking greener pastures elsewhere, they do not show it.

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    golden411, what a lovely article about the Shibs
    I hope next season will go smoother for them than this one has.

    Worlds 2003 was such a wonderful event! No wonder it inspried them!

    Shen & Zhao's inspriing win in pairs, with Shen competing with a terrible injury
    Bourne & Kraatz winning the first ice dance gold medal for a North American team
    and Michelle Kwan & Evgeni Plushenko winning gold, too.

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