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    "I wish I'd been there when..."

    A thread for the more seasoned among us and the skating historians...

    What performance (or related performances) do you recall that you wish you could have been there to see in person?

    Since I'm starting the thread, I get to impose an arbitrary rule: No performances after 1999!

    Extra credit if you post a video!

    For me: Dorothy Hamill's 1976 Olympic win. Her Long Program was the start of my long love affair with our sport.

    Edit: Please post a bit of text explaining why you selected your performance.

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    1994 us nationals practice ladies

    1994 baiul

    1998 surya Olympic backflip

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    1998 US Nationals - Michelle Kwan's triumphant Lyra Angelica after her stress fracture.

    1984 Olympics - Torvill and Dean's Bolero

    1988 Olympics Battle of the Brian's

    Any Gordeeva and Grinkov performance - I never actually saw them live. 1st Ice show I went to was the memorial SOI show in Hartford after he passed.

    1996 World's - Chen Lu vs Michelle Kwan. What a nail biter - could've gone either way imho.

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    Do you have to have been alive then?

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    Worlds 1996 when Kwan and Eldredge both won and Galindo, and Meno & Sand took bronze medals.

    Imagine U.S. skating being that good again...

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    There are many more but if I had to pick my tops it would be these;

    1996 Worlds LP
    1998 Nationals SP & LP
    2003 Worlds LP
    2004 Nationals LP

    Rudy Galindo
    1996 Nationals

    Johnny Weir
    2004 Nationals LP
    2010 Olympics LP

    Sasha Cohen
    2006 Olympic SP

    Alexia Yagudin
    2002 Olympic LP

    Yuna Kim
    2010 Olympics LP
    2013 Worlds LP

    Adam Rippon
    2010 4CC LP
    2012 Nationals SP

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    Boy, If only I had a time THAT would be a comp to see.....
    Quote Originally Posted by louisa05 View Post
    Worlds 1996 when Kwan and Eldredge both won and Galindo, and Meno & Sand took bronze medals.

    Imagine U.S. skating being that good again...

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    Quote Originally Posted by invisiblespiral View Post
    Do you have to have been alive then?
    I don't think you need to. After all, most of us weren't at those particular events anyway, so it's all wishful thinking, right? Go for it!

    I would have loved to see the 1998 Nationals where Michelle channeled Lyra Angelica straight from the sky.

    I would love to have watched Kurt film Singin' in the Rain for his TV program.

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    Sorry Tonto, I have to break the rule you set because my list is not long and I haven't seen too many figure skating performances...

    Quote Originally Posted by Olympia View Post
    I would love to have watched Kurt film Singin' in the Rain for his TV program.
    This would have been delightful and I wish I'd been there with you!

    2) Kurt Browning @ 1997 Battle of the Sexes. I need front-row seats for this, OK? I adore this performance and I love the song. They go together better than peanut butter and jelly...except I don't like PB&J so...better than butter and strawberry jam.

    3) 1998 Nagano Olympic Ladies' FS. Because the podium and performances were crazy-good: Tara, Michelle, Lu.

    4) 2002 SLC Pairs SP: Because of B/S's Lady Caliph.

    5) 2002 SLC Olympic Men's SP: Because of Yagudin's Winter.

    6) 2003 Worlds Ladies' FS: For Michelle Kwan's Aranjuez.

    7) YuNa Kim 2011 Worlds FS. Yes, I choose this over her Vancouver Olympics. I would have been there to be utterly heartbroken for the result, and then have to watch her be so, so sad. But her Arirang program is my favourite program of hers and it wasn't skated often enough, so I have to choose this event to watch it. I also think whatever she was going through for the 2011 season helped her to reflect and focus again for her comeback this year, so it's not a permanent heartbreak. Please, David Wilson, top this program for next season!

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    1998 Nationals for Michelle's short and long.

    1992 Olympics for Paul Wylie's programs

    1998 Olympics so I could cry along with Lu Chen live instead of at home

    1996 Worlds for ladies, men's and pairs

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