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Thread: The Ice (Japanese Show) Cast Announced

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    Quote Originally Posted by icellist View Post
    i don't know if the ICE is the best thing for Gracie. It's a big time commitment and it'll be a busy year for her; esp since she's never really done touring. Also happy that Mirai got invited, I hope she skates her FS because she always starts the season with strong SPs but unconfident FS.

    I love the picture they chose for Narumi and Ryuichi. They're both cross-eyed and looking off into space
    Many top skaters are doing shows over the summer -- it keeps fans satisfied in the off-season and gives the skaters a chance to perform without the pressure of competition. I personally feel that Gracie will learn a lot about expression and artistry from Mao Asada.

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    Is there an English version of that web page? My Japanese is a little rusty....

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