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Thread: Should the World Team Trophy be held earlier in the season?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaylee View Post
    So why not just call it the Japan Open? :P

    If this is ever supposed to become a truly major ISU competition with global appeal, it should be rotated among host countries like Worlds, Euros/4CCs, and the GPF. Right now it feels like a cheesefest with automatic home advantage for the Japanese skaters, which would be fine in itself, but it actually has the stamp of approval from the ISU.
    Who cares what it's called? If the JSF is willing to host this event and put the money up in doing so, more power to them! Yes, it would be nice if it could be rotated and different federations hosted this event; however, since that's not happening, I'm happy that Japan is willing to host.

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    Chan complains about how late WTT is held in the season

    Chan frankly expressed his opinion against the timing of the competition, pointing out that all competitors practically have no choice but attend this event, when their exhaustion after Worlds, physically and mentally, is obvious. "April is way too late. I wish I could've (used this time to) prepare for the Olympics.

    I have to agree. I watched this event on the ISU live feed and I felt so sorry for the athletes AND the audience, with the former desperately trying to be a good sport (making silly faces in the kiss and cry etc) and the latter waiting and waiting for a decent skate! The tickets cost $40 - 180 per day and the arena is FULL. I don't think it will be too long before people realise ISU is exploiting the Japanese market at the determent of the skaters' health.

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    The skaters get a good piece of money in prizes. If they don't want to go they could play sick, like Davis and White, Virtue and Moir, Bobrova and Soloviev, Pechalat and Bourzat, etc.

    What the skaters should do is scale back on the difficulty, try to skate clean, and get the crowd into their performances.

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    In short, perform like skaters in the old spring cheesefests (Marshall's sponsored them sometimes). I went to one in Providence, RI, and it was a ton of fun.

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