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Thread: How will Kwan and/or Kim be viewed in the future?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pangtongfan View Post
    Nearly everyone has said the Vancouver Olympics was by far the best Olympic ladies event ever, and yet Kim won it by 23 points. Nagasu did performances that would have medalled at any other Olympics, arguably even on gold at any other Olympics, yet barely finished a very distant 4th, nowhere near the 3 medalists.
    Nagasu would be buried in the SP, so no chance of gold in 1998, 2002. In 2006, her SP probably would get her sub 60, much less than Fumie's.

    Her LP, without any 3x3, would not have won 1998 LP. Maybe 2002 LP. Definitely not 2006.

    So with a so so SP, her best chance would have been 2002, but then again, she wouldn't have beat Hughes under the old system.

    Can't see her winning gold at any other Olympics. Bronze, yes.

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    I think she would have definitely beaten Hughes even under 6.0. Slutskaya with one of her worst ever performances (even worse than her Turin LP really) was .1 from beating her. The judges didnt like Hughes that much and Nagasu skating her best is a better skater in virtually everyway- spins, spirals, jumps, posture, line, musicality. Not placing high in the SP wouldnt have mattered either since Hughes herself didnt. She would have had to only be in the top 6 to beat Hughes (who was only 4th) and she would have easily managed that.

    1998 she would have won under COP but under 6.0 won only bronze.

    2006 probably silver under both systems.

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