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I don't know if i would put Murakami in that list of skaters. Besides the fact that she hasn't accomplished nearly as much as Mao, Yuna. Kostner or Akiko have she's only 18 and has been a Senior skater for only 3 years. She is still one of the young skaters. And i agree with Skater Boy we have some skaters who are trying for a 3rd or 4th Olympics in hope of that elusive medal. I wonder if the Russian girls or Gracie or Osmond were a bit older and had more experience and were right up their with the veterans if skaters like Kostner would be sticking around until Sochi? That's what i enjoy about the Olympics being every 4 years it usually meant a new crop of girls fighting for Gold not the same girls from 4 years previous.
Too bad for you Jammers it is the same girls minus Rochette and who knows if she comes back - she has a shot of getting the second if not first spot on the Canadian team. big question thoug is if mao ever cleans up her jump problems? Well Carolina's age start showing in her technical skills? Will Yuna stay invinicible?