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Thread: New pair: Becky Bereswill and Joshua Reagan

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    New pair: Becky Bereswill and Joshua Reagan

    The latest team to join its ranks: Becky Bereswill and Joshua Reagan, who began training under Jason Dungjen, Yuka Sato and Sergey Petrovskiy early this month. The two Texas natives scheduled a tryout after Reagan and Caitlin Yankowskas parted ways in late February, Reagan said.

    Reagan and another former partner, Ashley Cain, won the 2011 U.S. junior pairs title. Bereswill, who as a single skater won the 2008 Junior Grand Prix Final, teamed with Trevor Young to place 10th in senior pairs at the 2011 U.S. Figure Skating Championships.

    "When things ended with Caitlin, I wasn't sure what I was going to do," Reagan, 23, said. "I had a couple of tryouts lined up, and I was just going to do them and go from there. I wasn't set on staying in Detroit by any means. I considered moving back to Dallas."

    Brainstorming ideas with then coach Johnny Johns one day, Reagan brought up Bereswill.

    "We grew up skating together in Texas," he said. "Not that we've kept in touch that much, but I knew she was a really good skater and she had done pairs. I bounced it off Johnny, and he said it was a good idea, do a tryout.

    "Ashley was a taller girl, and we had success together. Becky has the same body frame, so I was thought she could be a really good choice."

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    I really wish Caitlin were able to find a partner :( She is a truly beautiful skater.

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    Yeah it's a travesty that one of the top Pairs Lady in the US can't find a good partner. Not sure what happened between Josh and Caitlin it seems like they were only together for a few months.

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    Despite the optimism of all involved, I really doubt Bereswill/Reagan will be successful together. 5'6" is just really tall for a ladies pairs skater. And not only that, but she only has a year or so of pairs experience. The Zhangs couldn't manage her 5'7" height and that was with 15+ years of experience behind them.

    I'm very disappointed things didn't work out for him and Caitlin--mainly because I love Caitlin so much! I agree she is by far our best pairs lady, and it's terrible that she can't seem to find the right partner. I hope she won't give up. I guess the reality is, though, at this point, her choices are either retiring or looking for another partner and committing to another 4-year cycle (because Sochi isn't going to happen). She's almost 23, so trying for Pyongchang would mean skating up to her late 20s. It's a big decision.

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