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Thread: Space time capsule

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    Space time capsule

    This is inspired by and dedicated to a great mod called Mathman.

    I'd like everyone to consider what true figureskating touches them and pick one skate from each discipline. Choose wisely as the aliens know nothing of what comprises great skating. I'm still thinking, and ladies will be hardest for me. What skates do u want seen by the ETs?

    Vocalise by G&G. Best Pair, truly one skater, my favorite performance-easy for me

    This was tougher, but Lyra Angelica -everyone knows/loves this skate...i'll link it anyway.

    Men's skate would be Brian Boitano's skate in Alaska. I forgot the music. I will link -think it is called Water Fountain. I envy Brian just being on the glacier-by far his most moving work for me.

    Ice Dance has a few -cannot decide at present-so please prepare your space capsules as launch time approaches!

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    I do love G & G, but for pairs I am picking Elena/Anton 2002 SP Lady Caliph.

    Ice dance: Virtue/Moir Mahler.

    Ladies: Sasha Cohen 2006 SP Dark Eyes

    Men: Alexei Yagudin 2002 SP

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    nice choices kitt, MM, how bout your capsule?????

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    This was too hard. Instead, I will give my 2012-2013 time capsule.

    Men: Javier Fernandez, Europeans

    Ladies: Yuna Kim, Worlds

    Dance, Davis and White, Worlds SD

    Pairs. Hmm. Volosozhar and Trankov were head and shoulders above the pack, but they did not really give a great performance of their program last year. I will go back in time and substitute Shen and Zhao, 2003 Worlds.
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    MEN: Fernandez 2013 Euros this is really the sport+art perfection!
    LADIES: Midori Ito 1990 Worlds skating joy, speed, incredible jumps and spins, I LOVE this performance!
    PAIRS: S/Z 2010 Olympics SP there is something incredibly beautiful about this program
    ICE DANCE: K/P 1990 still my favourite!

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