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Thread: Spill your real hopes

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    I want everything you typed except for Alissa and Brian, I would rather have Akiko replace Alissa and Jeremy replace Brian!

    Quote Originally Posted by Pikachuusb View Post
    Well I would love for our ladies team to be: Mirai Nagasu, Alissa Czisny & Caroline Zhang

    I want Mao to win gold
    And Alissa & Mirai to win silver and bronze

    I want Adam Rippon, Jeremy Abbott & Johnny Weir on the Olympic team with Rohene Ward & Jason Brown in the mix

    I want Brian Joubert, Nobunari Oda & Javier Fernandez to win medals

    I want who knows ?? on the Olympic team lol

    I want Volosozhar & Trankov, Savchenko & Szolkowy and Kavaguti & Smirnov to win medals

    I want Davis & White, the Shibutanis and Hubbel and Donohue(Kriengkrairut & Giulietti-Schmitt) make the Olympic team

    I want Davis & White to win, and Pechalat & Bourzat and Weaver & Poje to medal

    Overall I just want clean skates from everyone, a nail biter & zero reason for tears...from me or anyone else lol

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    Plushenko to medal. Alissa to make the U.S. team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krislite View Post
    I want to see the extremely rare feat of a lady skater defending her Olympic title--only two women in figure skating's 100+ year history have ever done it. That's far fewer than the number of underdogs/non-favorites who have won. Why another "surprise"? Do people really want another Sarah Hughes? That just happened, what, 11 years ago. On the other hand, Katarina Witt's second OGM was over 25 years ago.
    At least if Kim wins a second ogm it won't be such a fluke. Witt was lucky and many feel there were so many ways for Manley to win - Ito placing second in the free or changes in the school or short program but giv it to witt she is a competitor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TontoK View Post
    Ditto. A great technician working on his artistry and a great artist working to up his technical content.

    Having gotten a sneak peak at Jason's program, I want to see Max's.

    I'm just not enamored of any of the other US men, although a part of me would like to see Evan in Sochi with Plushy.
    Just to be catty but a real dogfight between Evan wearing Vera Wang and Johnny in feathers and beads and Plushy would have been entertaining. i can just see Vera in tears as her Wang outfit is destroyed in tatters and the pouring of feathers and bugle beads and sequins left on the ice. Who need wrestling when you have figure skating

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    OK, SkaterBoy... you just made my night!

    Throw in Hanyu beating someone over the head with his Pooh Bear, and that would be a "bar fight on ice" to remember!

    I confess I'm hanging on to a lost fantasy here, but I still hope Evan and Plushy both make it.

    Really, there's not much else in terms of interest among the men for me, and a rematch would be something to look forward to.

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