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Thread: Annabelle Prölß & Ruben Blommaert

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    Post Annabelle Prölß & Ruben Blommaert

    Their story

    Annabelle was born in 1999 at Regensburg and teamed up with Ruben at the Age of 12 in 2011 when they won their first German National title three months later. Ruben was also a quite decent single skater before he met Annabelle and competed for Belgium until 2010 at international level including Worlds and European Championships.

    Both skaters worked hard and managed to score some very respectable results in the juniors like a seventh place at the worlds in 2013, the "gold medal" at the NRW Trophy and the Bavarian Open and another national title in 2013. Latter sadly couldn't be defended at Berlin one year later, as a few nasty injuries made it impossible to compete.

    That said, the season of 2013 / 2014 was still their most successful one, two fourth places at Nebelhorn and the Lombardia Trophy and a win at Nizza show that also after the retirement of the current Champions Aljona & Robin Germany has set sail for Pyeongchang 2018.

    Get in touch:

    Annabelle and Ruben do have a Website which they update quite frequently themselves. You will be able to find Videos, Photos and a lot more there.

    You can also write them directly on FB,



    Annabelle and Ruben are working on a new FS based on the move soundtrack from"The Artist",- they do this together with Lori Nichol. The Canadian has worked with Carolina Kostner, Michelle Kwan and Maxim and Tatjana in the past. I don't know about you, but based on the talent by Annabelle and Ruben - this could become big

    Their SP will be an improved and more stable version of their 2013 performance (Oh mio Babbino Caro/Giacomo Puccini) - right now their thoughts go about adding Vocal or not.

    Ruben is now also officially a German Citizen, which will allow them to compete together at all Figure Skating events.

    Confirmed Events:

    They are going to perform at "Summer on Ice" on the 1. August and also at the Nebelhorn Trophy at the 24-27 of September, both events will be held in Oberstdorf / Germany.

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    Alex D, thanks for all the info about this great young pair!

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