I don't get this influx of Russian classical music just because it is in Sochi. It is far too obvious for my taste and shows lack of creativity or risk taking.

Does it mean just because the Olympic is in US, skaters should adopt country/jazz/blues music or Gershwin or John Williams? Olympic in Japan, lets all do memoir of a geisha or Hisashi? etc etc.

As far as I am concerned, an automatic +1 should be awarded in every PCS category just for any use of
- None Russian music
- No warhorse/'worldly acclaimed legit' classical music.
- No where near Carmen. (In fact this should result in - 1 deduction unless your surname ends with Virtue or Moir)
- Any program that has nothing to do with Morozov (to be fair, he will get home bonus anyway, so this way of marking just balance it all out to 0)
- Special award for using composers from outside Europe.