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Thread: Gachinski gears up for Olympic season with new mindset

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    News Gachinski gears up for Olympic season with new mindset

    Artur Gachinski is now entering the 2014 Olympic season with new programs and a fresh mindset.


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    His hair is similar to the guy in the movie. But it has been for years! Blond curly. Hope he does well and does all the quads and 3a like in euros 2012. I did have to laugh and beat a dead horse about kovtun was 5th so gachinski placing 4th wasn't that big of a problem!! Lol!!

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    Oh, I love how upbeat and calm he sounds. And a flamenco! I am going to enjoy this I suspect! Go Artur!

    Also, for the curious, he posted a selfie on instagram the other night with a new haircut. Not fluffy and curly anymore, quite short (for him), but looks good.

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    He sounds a very nice guy! Hopefully next season will be good for him, the programmes sound really interesting. Good luck!

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    OMG! I'm so excited to see Artur's programs!

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    Gala afer Training Camp - Gachinski

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    Thank you for the news everyone

    I want to see his SP so badly ! Good luck Artur!

    Last season I was in tears after every competition..but the new programs seem really interesting.

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